Troy Boswell Fired?

It appears that Troy Boswell is no longer head of the Animal Cruelty Task Force.

Hopefully this was the result of the Mason case fiasco.

Now he is in charge of the Spay/Neuter Task Force and permits.

God help any 503 that Boks or Boswell does not like.


Troy Boswell: Multipurpose Loser said...

With good ol' media hound, useless loser Troy at the helm of spay/neuter, we'd better batten down the hatches for a kitty and puppy population explosion. Which Boks will no doubt refer to as an "anomaly." Particularly when all those kittens and puppies mysteriously disappear.

It's just uncanny how these things keep happening to Boks, all over the country.

Son of Naysayer said...

No, silly, Boswell is not fired.
His "reassignment" is another open sign of the department in full revolt against Boks. Boks' recent transfer list is another sign of his inability to control his managers and supervisors, which leads the shelter employees to do (or not do) whatever they want.
Boks downfall will be his inability to lead.

Happy Valentine's day, sweethearts!


Anonymous said...

This is what the city does with Department eff ups like Troy Boswell, Julie Bastian, Karen Stepp, Jackie David... After they fail at one position they move them to another. Then they fail there and they move them again. Sometimes they move them to a different department like Jackie David or Jeff Brill. Sometimes the employees get the hint and just quit like Julie Bastian, Karen Stepp and others. Then they go work for LA County animal control. Ever wonder why County is worse than City? They get City rejects.

Now some leave City and go to County because County pays better. That's why Derrick Brown and Michelle Roache left. They actually were doing a good job in City. They're finding things more difficult at County. County is a total mess.

Anonymous said...

If Derrick Brown is the same Captain Brown who used to be at West L.A. then he is NOT an example of a good employee. He's a jerk.

Maybe he's good by LAAS standards, although if they have standards it's news to me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Capt Brown is Derrick Brown. Compared to others he wasn't bad. I knew him from the WLA shelter. My only complaint about him was a little good ole boy attitude. If you were a black guy that kissed his ass, you could get away with not doing your job, sleeping in your car, harassing volunteers and other employees. He wasn't that nice to white females, be they employees or volunteers, but he didn't actively attack them like others did. That's pretty sad really that a "good" employee is one who just doesn't attack people. Civil service.


I agree that Boks can't lead. He is a horrible leader, horrible people person. He pits employees against each other, against volunteers, against rescuers. He thinks it'll breed loyalty but it just breeds hatred. While quite a few LAAS employees are horrible people who refuse to do their job, Boks is still not a good leader. I think a good leader would know what to do about the civil service and union problems. How do you get unionized civil servants to do their job? How do you get rid of the good ole boy mentality? There must be a way. The employees can't rule the department the way they do.

Anonymous said...

Officer Troy Boswell made some huge mistakes with the Mason raid. He was in charge. He forgot to read him his rights, destroyed evidence, killed the cats without having the final results of their tests, made a fool of himself on video saying the cats had everything they needed, allowed some to escape, didn't show up for the hearing, lost evidence, destroyed other evidence... He was totally incompetent. He was reassigned because he totally failed. How does his reassignment mean that the Dept is revolting against Boks? He didn't quit. He effed up big time.

Troy Boswell started out as a regular officer, then a wildlife officer, then he whined and got promoted to west valley shelter manager, then he whined to get on the ACTF, now he whines to go somewhere else? The guy is an utter failure. He needs to find a new career. He shouldn't be around animals. He'd make a lousy cop. Maybe he should become a security guard.

Anonymous said...

I got the skinny on Boswell. Boswell totally messed up the Mason raid. He's a total idiot who just likes to pose for the cameras. He blamed all his mistakes on the Department and Ed Boks. Did Boks forget to read Mason his rights? Did Boks kill the animals? Did Boks forget to secure the evidence? Anyway, Boswell quit the animal cruelty task force. Talk about a whiney little kid. What will he mess up next?

Boks = Death said...

Got to respectfully take issue with Comment #6: If Boswell "forgot to read [Ron Mason] his rights, destroyed evidence, killed the cats without having the final results of their tests...allowed [cats] to escape, didn't show up for the hearing [and] lost evidence" these are not "huge mistakes."

These are CRIMES. This is abuse of police powers. These are deliberate actions for which he should have been fired. In addition, they constitute a basis for a whopping big lawsuit against Boswell, Boks, LAAS, LAPD and the City.

Troy Boswell isn't mentally or morally qualified to be a security guard at a Wal Mart. This is a guy who's so arrogant and stupid that he stands in front of television cameras and parades his lack of logic and lack of understanding of what his job is.

At the VERY LEAST he should have been fired. But he wasn't even disciplined for his ridiculously public display of incompetence and lack of understanding of what the law is. The fact that he wasn't fired redounds to Boks' complete lack of leadership, but even more so to Boks' unwillingness to admit what a massive screwup the Mason bust was for LAAS and the City.

Boks' lack of leadership is merely a by-product of the fact that his dishonesty and the resulting personal agendas (in this case, trying to use malicious prosecution of Ron to curry favor with the animal rescue community) in all cases trumps the actual performance of his job.

He is judged by the statistics. So instead of honestly and realistically trying to improve those statistics he makes a grab for the means of RECORDING the statistics. He also dishonestly manipulates them by throwing animals, particularly ferals, neonates, and owner-surrenders under the bus.

His lies are discovered by the rescue community so he goes after Ron to distract us. In this context, as far as Boks is concerned the only bad thing Boswell did was get caught. If Boks is mad it's not because Boswell (and the LAPD - let's not forget their role in this -- they didn't read Ron his rights either, and Linda Ortega is a detective, not LAAS) abused Ron Mason and didn't follow the law. He's mad because Boswell did it so badly that everyone saw, and the prosecution didn't go forward. But firing him would only draw attention. You can come up with a plausible lie to explain a transfer, but not disciplinary action or a firing.

Love you all, but please don't call anything that happened to Ron Mason a "mistake."

BTW, Derrick Brown is a severe a-hole. I've dealt with him and he's a logic-impaired jerk who thinks he can BS members of the public to avoid doing his job. No wonder Mayeda hired him..

Anonymous said...

He wasn't fired d@*kface. He got tired of the BS that all you humaniac no lifes give out. Get a life. They are just "dumb" animals. For food and clothing.


Sad for Troy ): said...

Yup, when I'm looking for reliable info I always turn to the person who calls me "dickface."

Plus, there's no one more credible than someone who spends precious time in their day looking for evil animal lovers to harass by telling us we have no lives (tee-hee!). Must be tough, waiting all those long hours for "American Gladiators" to come back on the tee-vee.

Of course, Troy DOES have time to fill, what with his new demotion...

Anonymous said...

Boswell quit the task force because he didn't like animal activists whining about his mistakes? Boswell is personally responsible for all those cats being killed needlessly. He is responsible for embarrassing and defaming Ron Mason. How would Troy like to be handcuffed, bent over his car, arrested, thrown in jail, all his animals killed (bet he has none) and humiliated on public television?

Anonymous said...

I heard LA County DACC plans to hire a bunch of rejects that LA City AS is getting rid of. What's one cities trash is another county's treasure in Marcia's world.

Anonymous said...

Lieutenant Boswell did NOT get fired. What terrible stories people spread on these things. You guys support someone who has 70 cats and who's house is so full of urine, you can't tell the difference? C'mon!

I love Lieutenant Boswell. He's a very kind and patient individual. He really is. Some of you people are the cruelest people in the world. So hateful toward everybody!

Boswell is cute too, by the way! He does have a boyish quality about him, just as a previous poster stated.

He is no jerk, that's for sure, and I'm sorry to see that a lot of the staff gets moved around so much.

Some of the best people in the world were at West Valley, and Lieutenant Boswell was one of them.

Now we're going to lose another one out there soon, and I'm really bummed about that....

Anonymous said...

I bet Troy wrote that post about himself being "cute." He is not cute, he looks like a little spoiled boy, always whining to get his way. Troy Boswell messed up the Mason raid because he only cared about being on video. He wanted to be a big star on Animal Planet. He does not care about others or animals, just himself. He should be fired for what he did in that unlawful raid.

Anonymous said...

Well, mistakes or no mistakes. There was so much urine inside that poor man's house that the officers hands got pee stains from coming in contact with the area where the cats were. The place was caked with urine, and you know it. The place wasn't habitable for humans or animals. No one in their right mind can clean up after Seventy cats on a daily basis, so it's understandable how there was so much urine.

Boswell is still a nice guy and he is totally cat friendly. The place must have been really bad for him to have to respond to the call. He just doesn't go after people's cats. He's trying to keep the cats out of the shelter and would rather stay away from cat-related calls. He just doesn't want the cats at the shelter, so someone or something compelled him to follow up, and that something was the fact that the place was overrun with cats and the place was uninhabitable.

Mason and Boswell are both really very nice people. It's too bad that the whole thing became such a chaotic mess. Mason lost his cats, and a whole bunch of them went loose to roam the streets, starve, and continue to reproduce, and Boswell gets blamed for everything.

Cats add up really fast, and even more so now that the shelters are constantly pushing them out.

Anonymous said...

Troy Boswell is one amazing and caring person. Make no mistake, He loves animals.

Anonymous said...

Troy Boswell is an insane crimnal idiot! HE broke into my home at night WITHOUT A VALID SEARCH WARRRANT, using crow bar, to kidnap my Golden Retriever. He recrutes two LAPD who woke my mother and aimed guns at her demanding our family dog (WHOM
THEY WOULD IMMEDIATELY KILL). I hid with my dog for 14 hours in the hills, while he sends helicopters to find search the area. THEN this effen TERRORIST mornon HAS ME arrested for felony "terroist threats" and orders my dog "Bannished from Los ANgeles" I hope Los Angeles is NUKED with a 100 Megaton bomb just to euthanize this insane creep!

Anonymous said...

Terrorist Troy Boswell broke into my house without a search warrrant trying to kidnap and kill my pet golden retriever. Then this insane idiot arrests me for threatening him!! At my felony trial Judge Linden ordered Troy Boswell to be "Thrown to the lions, and to be eaten alive" This is the truth! West Valley Police will arrest (after they read the court transcript) him and carry out Judge Lindens orders.

Anonymous said...

The idiot Boswell who has the balls to break into persons homes and threaten owner with loaded guns inorder to kidnap and kill these familiy members is now in the correct job of NEUTERING!

Anonymous said...

Troy Boswell has severe chronic rabies psychosis from the many dog bites from the over ten thousand dogs he personally killed at the shelter and shooting the mountain lions(then having anal sex witgh their dead corpses) . Boswell told me that when the poison injections he is administering don't kill immediately the dogs he then strangles them with his bare hands! It is true as other bloggers stated that when he dosen't get his way or you piss him off he whines audibly exactly like a little dog!! His rabies psychosis makes him think he is a dog!! Everyone should lift their leg when they see him and pee on him. As part of his severe psychosis Troy Boswell has EXTREME fear (phobia) of lightening. Whenever there is lightening (usually trying to smash his head and leave a bad mark on his forehead so he goes to HELL) he THINKS lightening it is trying to kill him when in fact it IS trying to kill him!!!! On March 5, 2005 there was 43 lightening bolts over the Platt St. shelter (ask him). Boswell is frightened that lightening might electrocute him. Poor whining pathetic Boswell, the hungry lions and lightening are waiting for you. I have seen Troy Boswell lift his leg and pee on fire hydrants. Best stay inside Troy when it rains and not be running wild around the L.A. streets where there are wild coyotes.