Horror stories about VPI pet Insurance. These guys are even more of a rip off than VCA West LA.







Tina Clark said...

This all sounds horrible. But I had VPI for years and was very happy with them, never had a problem. They even paid for acupuncture.

Anonymous said...

VPI's founder (Dr Jack Stephens) is a big game hunter. After an SEC investigation, he had to step down. His son didn't get off that easy. Apparently he spent some time in prison. His crime had something to do with taking private info from VPI clients.

After a few years, Dr Stephens started Pet's Best. In his defense of hunting, he says he's part of some charity that gives the dead animals (or their parts) to the needy. 'Sounds like a good way to write off a hunting trip.

Tina Clark said...

Well, that puts me off of them for sure. Thanks for this information.

Pet Insurance said...

Even i can't imagine this.

Pet Insurance said...

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Emy Watson said...

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