What is the most amazing thing you cn think of?  The Grand Canyon?  Niagra Falls? That the universe is 15 billion light years across?  Atomic energy?  The human mind?  Television? That society seems to work at all with all its complexity?

I think the most amazing thing is me, and by proxy, you!

We are alive.  We see, feel, touch, smell, and taste both the external world and our bodies.  Every morning when we awaken, the world is there for us to experience.  And, one day were were not; then we were born, and gradually became consciousness of the totality of existence which gradually separated into self and personal experience, and the world, and “real,” external, and public existence.

These clumps of complex matter, of proteins, cells, molecules, nervous system, brain, blood, bile, etc, somehow become self-aware and even communicate their awareness to others in words, gestures, voice tones, and mood. This collection of atoms, quarks, electrons, somehow became self-aware, and also aware that others had this same awareness.

What a miracle.  This is the most amazing thing I can think of.  We have become alive!  From nothingness and non-existence, bodies came alive and became aware.  From nothing, from non-existence, I came alive.  How wonderful is this?

Yet most people seem overcome by negative moods about themselves and about society and the world.  Why, because they have been hypnotized that life itself was not enough.  You had to have things, accomplishments, titles, money, possessions, children, etc., and we think, think, and think, and fall short of what we should have and should be.

This is Buddha’s discovery: drop thinking about what you should be or should have and dwell in the miracle of your own being, and you will be happy, peaceful, and radiant.

It is also the spirituality of Jesus, or God becoming carnate, fleshy, embodied, and talking of the kingdom of heaven, while saying the direction towards that heaven was by forgetting your own concerns and wealth and take care of others.  Again, getting attention off og your own desires and judgments of falling short or measuring successes on a daily basis, live to help other sentient beings as you would have them help you.

I say, shut the fuck up.  Stop all your thinking about Ramana, Nisargadatta, Christ, Jeff Foster, Tolle, Robert Adams tell you about yourself, and as much as possible, live in yourself, your own experience, feeling it deeply, sinking into your experience, without judgment, without stories, without running commentary, and just feel within, and feel the world without,  FEEL, not think.  FEEL, not judge.  FEEL the Self within, and there you will find God who is you, your core and deepest Self.


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