I understand that the charges against Ron Mason will be downgraded from felony animal neglect to misdemeanor animal neglect. The case will be handled by Don Cocek, Assistant City Attorney. His FAX is (213) 978-8312. I just sent him this Fax:

Dear Mr. Cocek,

The charges against Mr. Mason are being downgraded to Misdemeanor Animal Neglect. This does not change the fact that Mason was publicly tried and convicted in the Daily News as well as on the Los Angeles Animal Services website under “Truth vs. Rumor,” where purported “evidence” to support his arrest was presented by Ed Boks, the General Manager. Subsequently, Animal Services has refused to release exactly that same evidence mentioned by Boks under a request for public records.

Boks stated he is "unable" to release such documents under law, despite the fact he freely published that same information on a City website and similar evidence was relayed to Daily News reporter Dana Bartholomew.

Boks, on that website, said conditions of probation will provide Mason with the counseling and support he needs. He presumed Mason was guilty and already knew the sentence.

As you can see below (sent to Cocek but not included again here), Mason was not Mirandized and Animal Services lied to the Daily Press reporter about the disposition of the animals and their medical condition. Dana Bartholomew was told the cats would be medically treated and fostered and instead, they were killed.

I am also curious about what was said on the complaint that led to the warrant, especially as Mason stated it appeared they were looking for something other than animals, which I assume means drugs and none were found.

Since County Health cleared Mr. Mason of County Health violations, it appears the only evidence against Mr. Mason is testimony of LAAS and the ACTF personnel that the living conditions constituted an immediate danger to the animals. I was there two or three days later and then again six days later, and most recently three days ago. I took photographs, some of apparently healthy cats and kittens. I did not find his property nearly so offensive as Boks and LAAS vet Dr. Rao purport.

So far as I know, no blood or stool diagnostic tests were administered to any of the animals confiscated on October 11; therefore the only evidence you have is the LAAS vet’s opinion regarding their health and whether they were irremediably suffering. Despite this being his professional opinion, this opinion can be challenged and will be challenged, based on impound records not released by Boks, the voluminous medical records Mason was able to reconstruct that show adequate care has been provided for years, and the lack of objective testing to support Rao’s opinion. In fact, the only objective diagnostic testing from the professional lab, Antech, proved the kittens did not have panleukemia, and perhaps none of the big four viral infections.

It also is merely his opinion that Mason’s property was so awful, an opinion to be challenged by me and other witnesses, and by the fact that County Health inspector Manuel Garcia was satisfied with the health status of Mason’s property. Elements of the complete case can be found on my blog:

Please print out the above post, change it if you will, as that will give your fax more credence, and fax it to Cocek at the phone number above. When I get his phone number, I'll post it.

In the meantime, Mr. Boks, where are Muffin, Johny and Burt? Are they alive or dead? If the latter, why? Do you normally kill such a high percentage of evidence animals? I guess a dead evidence animal is no evidence animal.


kate said...

How can they charge Ron Mason with anything if their excuse for not showing up on the 6th was that the files were lost? Did they magically reappear once it changed to a misdemeanor?

What strange and spooky magic has descended upon the City Attorney's office?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

They need to drop the case. They made huge errors.