Foie Gras Eating PLM

I finally have a handle for our foie gras eating mayor: Pathetic Little Mexican (PLM), first suggested by a reader who sent me these two official photos of the mayor.

They are the same photo. The first is of Antonio--the man of the people--Villaraigosa, as he claimed to be when talking to representatives of the LA Humane Community a few years ago.
The second is a photoshop-lightened version for the Internet, of a Wannabe Good Ole White Boy who stopped dating Spanish woman after cheating on his wife and a TV reporter, and moved on to dating white and Korean women, and who drinks a fifth of $140 a bottle wine at Patina's while eating foie gras--on City time and on City budget I assume. By the way, the food budget for animals in the City shelters was cut from $529,000 to $429,000.
By the way, PLM Villaraigosa bragged to the Times reporter that Wolfgang Puck caters all of the City's functions.
How is that for wise and thoughtful budgeting and a man of the people type mayor?
Take a look at the video below where PLM Villaraigosa talks about being an immigrant's son, promises a plan for No-Kill future, an accountable general manager to implement that plan, and to appoint animal experts to the Animal Services Commission. He says several times, he is "all for accountability."
Below, a history of PLM's girlfriends, some of whom, allegedly, become City commissioners.


Anonymous said...

So when the Department runs out of food for the animals, will Antonio say "let them eat foie gras?"

Anonymous said...

Good One, #1!!!

Clever. Very clever indeed.

Boks = Death said...

I don't care that he's Mexican, and I don't think it's germane. In fact, I think making a point of discussing his ethnicity cheapens us.

The fact is, he campaigned for and got one of the most prominent political offices in the country, with a massive budget and tremendous responsibilities. He then proceeded to abandon us, betray groups and individuals who supported him and the issues he SAID were important to him, and use the perks of his office to behave very corruptly.

He's also not very bright. In a period of the highest job losses in years, he's out not only dining very expensively (and inhumanely), but he's flaunting that fact in L.A.'s biggest newspaper.

His only claims to fame and reputation are cheating flagrantly on his wife, betraying his family, shamelessly groveling for political favor with high-profile Democrats, and in doing so repeatedly abandoning our city.

He is corrupt. He is childish. He is clearly not very intelligent. He never deserved to be Mayor. None of that has anything to do with his being Mexican. Antonio Villaraigosa's just a bad guy, and bringing race into that only makes us look like jerks when he's the one who's so much in the wrong.

Ed Muzika said...

I don't mind cheapening myself. Rember I work in Workers Comp.

I am speaking to his mindset; Macho.

Start laughing at him and calling him "paquito" will get his attention better than anything else.

Besides, it is he that has repeatedly brought his ethnic roots into his camapaign as a plus--a man of the people with an immigrant father. He has made it an issue and a badge of honor which he sullied.

He screwed up by bragging to the press; maybe he'll back down from cutting the animals food budget 20% although this is probably Boks' idea. However, I emailed everyone including Tony and Council objecting to the cut.

Anonymous said...

Antonio used his race to win votes. He played up being a "poor Mexican that shined shoes." He brought his race into the Mayor's race. Of course as soon as he became Mayor, he abandoned his race, his promises, his City. I'm amazed he's not at the Olympics right now. He's been out of town more than he's been in town recently campaigning for Hillary and Obama.

All AV cares about right now is fine wining and dining, women, hob nobbing with rich white folk, campaign contributions and a future in higher politics. He doesn't give a rat terrier's ass about this city, the constituents or doing his job.

Anonymous said...

"He screwed up by bragging to the press"

That is excactly right, Mr. Muzika.

"maybe he'll back down from cutting the animals food budget 20%"

Maybe somebody should cut his own food budget by 200%. See how that feels. He eats a over a hundred times as much.