400 Cats in East Valley Need Our Help

From a rescuer:

"GET THIS -- I spoke with an employee yesterday who told me they have FOUR HUNDRED CATS at East Valley. I asked where these four hundred cats are, and the employee said, "oh, they are in lots of different rooms." Many of them are nursing moms and kittens in the back area. Yet the shelter's spay/neuter clinic is STILL closed."

(The City's website shows 213 as of right now, but they do not show them all. 213 is bad enough.)

BREED and OTHER RESCUERS NOTE: Bengal mix, Lynx-Point Siamese, white Angora, and a beautiful Polydactyl. And apparently three hundred and ninety six more cats/kittens.

This is why Boks is restricting admissions. He does not want to kill the animals. Maybe for him, it is mostly about the numbers, but for me, and I assume for most of you, it is about the animals.

Can anyone do a media blitz or get this emergency notice out? The shelter has been crowded since it opened and Ed cancelled a media interview because he did not want the cameras to see how full his new shelter is.

All that I can say is let's help Ed and the animals out--not for his sake, but for the animals.