Please can-will somebody help me?

I was forced to move, I stayed in a garage for two nights with my cats two cats got out of the garage early tues morning my nuetered male he is domestic.

My ferel female won't come to me or anybody she was just beginning to sleep on my legs at night after having her 1 year I am now staying in El Monte. She, the ferel kitty is not spayed I know shame on transportation she the ferel kitty is in Alhambra I go every night from 4:00pm to midnight with a carrier on the bus to look for her I take food I have seen 3 cats that might be her though its so dark and she is black I am unable to see good enough. I need to get a flashlight, I need to trap her at where I stayed before I had to move, she wont come to me, the people where I lived before tell me I cant go on the property? no idea why I told them once I get my cat I wont be back! 

Please can a volunteer help me? I need somebody with a trap that has transportation and is willing to help me get my baby female ferel home, I have difficulty sleeping knowing she is out there after she has been an indoor cat for 1 year now, I rescued her as a kitten she had ear mites, fleas and a touch of mange and was starving we took care of all that and I did handle her alot and well my other cats miss her too! Please help!!!

Thank you so much