Five Vets Now at Animal Service and a Sixth to Start Soon

I met three of Animals Services' vets today. I won't go into the circumstances now, but will later. I met them at the West Valley shelter at their grand opening, Drs. Roa, Hoffman and Feldman.

I saw Dr. Roa in action helping a cat that had been injured. He was open and gracious and had a very gentle presence. When he heard that a cat had been injured, he broke off from the festivities and all the VIP crap and tended to the cat. The cat was in bad shape so they shipped him out to a vet for X-rays and possibly treatment. I was surprised they didn't have their own X-ray machine but I assume that will come soon.

Feldman was his usual affable self eagerly showing me the new facility. I also met the brand new fifth veterinarian, Cynthia Hoffman, formerly of Holiday Humane. A sixth vet is in the process of being hired.

The staff was friendly and very helpful. There were tons of extremely friendly volunteers. Of course, what did I expect, it was opening day and a zillion VIPs and the general public were there for the opening. But all the staff seemed concerned about the injured cat. When I asked to see Dr. Roa about the cat, he was very gracious and told me he had a poor prognosis. It had been hit by a car and its jaw was broken and one pupil was larger than the other, indicating possible brain damage. He took his time to consult with me and he, nor anyone else there at the time, knew who I was. This is some time before anyone, especially Boks, recognized me. I got a chuckle when Ed called across the room "Are you still killing cats?" This time he did not look frightened of me.

I even told Dr. Roa that I had been a harsh critic of him for the Mason bust. He just waved it aside with a very Hindu (Indian actually; for all I know he is Jewsish) hand waving. His concern was for the cat. I saw it in his eyes and demeanor.

Dr. Feldman showed me the surgery prep room and the surgery itself. Get this, Dr. Roa will be doing most if not all in house spay/neuters. He thinks he can do 75 per week. I think that adds up to 3,600 with vacations and holidays at a far lower cost to LAAS than Jones in South LA who is doing the same amount. Rao will also still be doing general vet medical work.

Dr. Hoffman said things were improving at LAAS in terms of the quality of care able to be offered and lives saved. By this time everyone (who cared) knew who I was. She showed me pictures of extensive surgeries they had done. She was bright and happy and wanted to win me over to their cause of course.

I was impressed with Drs. Roa, Hoffman, and of course, Dr. Feldman who I have known for a few years. So, soon they will have the six shelter vets as promised and budgeted, as well as the extremely expensive Dr. Jones in South LA.

It was a strange coincidence that I was there this day of the grand opening. I had no idea that it was happening. Naturally, everything was perfect and I'd like to see the place when dozens of VIPs and Boks were not around. I am sure I got to see the brightest and prettiest cats and dogs, and there were no kennels with 6 dogs in them. The impression I got was very positive.

I did see dozens of very sweet cats who were hungry for affection and who looked perfectly healthy. There was one Calico I wanted to take home in the worst way, but would put me over the three cat limit before I became a cattery, and I have already spent over $9,000 in just vet bills just this year.They were cooped up in unbelievably small cages. No way to spend several weeks before being adopted or killed. This is why I never go to shelters.

I also asked Dr. Rao about using S.T.A.R. funds for the cat. He didn't know what STAR was, which is sort of a Universal Forgetfulness pervading Animal Services.

However, before I get too positive, I have got to remember that I have been here before and I don't really trust my first impressions anymore. More later.

How I view ADL and ALF

Re the negative comments I have been getting about my ADL/ALF post, I want to clarify my position.

When I was defending Boks, I was subject to ADL’s wrath as well as that of their very active cohorts. I was threatened, I was followed by cars when I went out at night. The threat seemed so real to everyone involved that the police had their anti terrorist unit keeping a watch on my house—at least according to Bickhart.

They, through several high-profile media types, blasted all kinds of rubbish about me all over the Internet. They made false police and FBI reports calling me a terrorist and cyberstalker as well as having the Stare Psychology Board try to lift my license, and I was constantly threatened with lawsuits. They did a good job at destroying my reputation as well as that of Animal Friend.

Therefore I have no reason to support ADL or ALF on the basis of the personal fear they caused me.

Speaking about violence, I was with Ed when were we were organizing a counterattack against both ADL and ALF. I was active in finding their addresses to picket Pam and Jerry’s home and other’s too with Boks’ and Bickhart’s full blessing. It never happened, but we were planning to do so. Boks allegedly was asking people to find friends to beat up Dan Guss; whether this is true can be verified if needed.

Boks has worked to destroy my credibility and has taked extreme measures to harm Animal Lover which will become public in her lawsuit against Boks and the City.

I also know that Blackman has steadfastly hidden all the anti-Boks sentiment in the community from Villaraigosa, who doesn’t care anyway. Blackman has a hatred of the animal community and contempt for animals in general. Blackman was the major reason Boks continues as GM in the past, now it is also Villaraigosa, who, like Hahn, is deliberately keeping a failed GM on out of spite.

The ADL tactics are completely acceptable and legal. Unions use this strategy of picketing company officers at their homes and telling neighbors their complaints. Companies try to destroy the credibility of opponents as does the Federal government as with Cheney outing a CIA spook.

ALF's action are more difficult or impossible to defend; thus my reaction "Wow," as they were a stretch even for me.

Even when ADL was coming after me, and now I doubt that they had more than that a minor involvement to the harassment I received, I respected what they were doing and even their methods. I did not mind if they were to picket my house and talked to all my neighbors ahead of time about the situation. They were all ready to defend me. I was worried about more than just picketing happening as I was being followed by cars. I thought it was them, but now think it may have been someone else.

Speaking of violence, many of you decry ALF's violent actions, yet Boks, the City, the ACTF and City Attorney are just as much if not far more violent.

Look what they did to Ron Mason. They invaded his property, did not read him his Miranda rights, arrested him and charged him with a felony, confiscated 50 cats he was reasonably taking care of and killed at least half, maybe all. They even brought in outside agencies, such as County Health as well as City TV. Ron was an innocent and had cooperated with Animal Services for three years. He started to beg them for help but they refused to give it. Instead they extremely and publicly raided the house of someone they knew could not fight back and splashed it all over the Internet and the Daily News, destroying his reputation.

How many of you fear being raided by Animals Services or ACTF because you have too many dogs or now an ill animal and being accused of misdemeanor animal neglect? Many, many people have told me of unjustified raids and seizure of animals they were fostering and actively trying to place. These are people with legitimate rescue groups who are now, or were, New Hope partners.

How is that for legal thuggery?

Last, think of the all the animals being killed because an incompetent and uncaring GM is constantly mugging for the camera, allegedly getting laid and drunk, and who feels no loyalty to anyone. Think of the animals constantly being killed because Boks is still here and Blackman and the mayor support him?

As a previous commenter said, Blackman, Boks and the mayor have robbed the animal community of their voice of complaint. Think of the utter distain Blackman and Villaraogosa have for the LA animal community. Is there anything more violent than to have the power to save the lives of animals and not saving them it out of spite?

Given the City's and Boks uncaring attitude towards the deaths of animals in their charge, my question would be, "Why are you not out with the ADL or in othjer ways voicing your anger and contempt towards City officials?" Why do you think violence against animals is not as morally reprehensible as violence against legal thugs?


From an email received from the Animal Liberation Press Office:

Late Friday, Nov 23 we paint strippered the white ford explorer license number YYYY in front of the house Jimmy Blackman owns at XXX Bessemer Street. Stop the murder of innocent shelter animals at LA Animal Services, Mr. Deputy Mayor. --ALF

On the night of monday november the 12 we hit the house of Deborah Villar. If the name sounds familiar its cause she is the sister of the mayor of los angeles, california. We spent the last couple months doing some recon at the department of los angeles animal shelters. We even saw places like the rooms they bump off animals. What haunted us most were the wide eyes, wide eyes with the most terrified expressions we ever saw. The stk web site has a video that doesn't show the half of it.

Sorry if you take this the wrong way but we read about a protest at Deborah's house. But we know that in order to change the behavior of a mental case like Antonio Villaraigosa and make him do whats right for these wide eyed animals who still haunt us is to hit him harder and harder. The mayor is the person who has bloody hands who appointed the dirt bag Boks. The mayor is the person who can make the killing come to an end.

Then, from ADL:

It seems Boks' latest strategy is to allow animals to die while imprisoned inside LAAS from willfully untreated injuries and illnesses and thus be excluded from the kill stats. In a recent report, Boks admitted that there has been a 94% increase in the death rates of animals "in the care of LAAS and foster caregivers." Notice how he contemptibly passes the buck onto rescuers who provide foster care! Besides, the increase in these deaths is actually closer to 300% - since he oh-so-conveniently neglects to include bunnies and other animals in the tally.

Next up was the neighborhood of Samuel Blackman. He is the father of Jimmy Blackman, Deputy to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Tony and his staff continue to turn a blind eye and deaf ear on the animals unceremoniously suffering and dying in the clutches of General Manager Ed Boks. Cooking the books; lying; and allowing animals to go untreated at LAAS just so that they can die on their own and be omitted from the "euth" stats is how Boks makes his disingenuous claims that he is moving the municipal shelters along the path to no kill.

It appears that ADL reads this blog and the blast emails I send to the LA Animal Community and Council.

No S.T.A.R. For This Puppy

As an example of S.T.A.R. not being used is the below email and subject puppy sent to me. The City provides X-rays but no treatment. This puppy needs hip/femor surgery. This email was sent out to rescues saying they had to take it or the dog would be killed.

Ed, where is the STAR money?

From: Ana Hernandez < Wed, 7 Nov 2007 11:13 am Subject:

Extremely sweet pup needs orthopedic surgery @NOC

Gina is a 3month old terrier super lovable needs orthopedic surgery came in stray weighs about 16.1lbs. 11/01 limping on left hindleg/ non- weight bearing, will send to afe for x-ray of hindleg & pelvis Warren hosp.

11/02 AFE FINDING'S; limping on the right hindleg, fractured head, left pelvis normal. Prognosis- good w. femoral head resection

PE: BARH; mm pink; EENT good; H/L clear; NSF abdominal palpation; LN WNL; integument good; intermittent weight bearing lameness right hind leg.

Boks' S.T.A.R. Program Does Not Exist Except as a Money Maker?

Boks has supposedly started many innovative programs which he brought with him from New York. Of course, the only programs that have helped save lives is his "Kitten Refusal" or numbers from a possible Kitten Pre-impoundment Euthanasia" programs.

One of his imaginary, money-generating programs is STAR, which is listed on the LAPD site on the Animal Cruelty Task Force page, and has its own page on the Animal Services website. STAR means Special Treatment and Recovery. We all wonder who receives this treatment outside of the one dog mentioned on the website. You can donate to this non-existent, money making program at the URL below.

In Boks' June Town Hall meeting, Mike Bell asked Boks asked Boks how much money was in the STAR program fund. Ed did not know. Linda Barth did not know. Mike asked what happened to the donation money. Neither knew.

Then Bell asked Boks how many animals had been treated under STAR. Boks replied he didn't know, maybe because it doesn't exist and funds might be going elsewhere. Boks then asked Linda Barth how many had been treated and Linda said she didn't know but would find out.

Phyllis Daugherty (sp?) piped up and said she knew of one dog treated under STAR. One dog; maybe the pit bull listed on the STAR page. The program apparently does not exist except for PR and to get donation money which spent on non-existing treatment.

The ACTF webpage on the LAPD website says animals impounded from their "rescues" go to the nearest shelter for treatment under STAR. It appears they are either lying, misinformed, or the animals are sent to nothingness.

One commenter said:

Boks did STAR in NY. It's another name only program. He uses it to solicit donations but then doesn't spend the money on the animals. I'm being bombarded by emails from city employees offering free animals that need major surgery. They say we must take them or they will be euthanized because of their injuries. Why don't they spend the STAR money on them, or at least offer to spend that money if rescue agrees to take the animal?

Why indeed?

How can Boks be so thick? He announces euthanasia and save numbers based on voodoo math and announces programs that don't exist or gives an unqualified "friend" (Pia Salk) $20,000 for a zippo project which has not yet generated a report. Yet he thinks he will not be discovered as the fraud he is. I guess he thinks everyone is stupid.

Less surprising is Villaraigosa's complicity--unless Kramer and Blackman are hiding this from him.

Why hasn't the LAPD checked the veracity of claims made on the ACTF page? Bratton and Parks ought to be told.

Call Animal Services to Foster One of Mason's Cats

According to the LAPD website URL,, the Animal Cruelty Task force takes seized animals to the nearest shelter where they are entered into the S.T.A.R. program for treatment (Euthanol?) and then fostering. The post says you can call Animal Services at (888) 452-7381 to foster one of these animals. Try it. See if we can locate and foster Muffin, Burt or Johnny. I guess mention the cats impounded from Napa Street in Northridge on October 11.

What does the ACTF (Animal Cruelty Task Force) investigate?

The ACTF investigates animal cruelty, neglect, hoarding, mutilation or sacrifice, bestiality, cockfighting, and dog fighting.

What happens to the impounded animals?

Impounded animals are taken to the nearest animal shelters located citywide. At the animal shelters, the impounded animals are entered into the Special Treatment and Recovery (STAR) program where the severely injured, abused, and neglected animals rescued by the ACTF receive medical treatment from experienced veterinarians.

However Mike Bell in a confronation with Boks during a June 6 Town Hall discovered only one dog had been treated in Star.

May I foster or adopt animals that have been impounded by the ACTF?

Yes. The Department of Animal Services has a Foster Program that trains volunteers to provide temporary homes for animals with special needs until they are healthy enough for adoption. Please contact the Department of Animal Services at 888-452-7381 or visit for more information on the foster or adoption programs.

1000 to 1 you get nowhere. They likely all are dead.

Villaraigosa and Boks Just Don't Care

Below is a well written discussion by a commenter about the core issues presented to the LA animal community about Boks and the LAAS/City mentality, ruled by its own internal lack of ethics, and abetted by an identical lack in the mayor.

The only reason they won't admit the (Mason) case is over is because they don't want to admit they screwed up and they lost their bet.They were betting they could manipulate the rescue community into supporting Boks against Ron. They did everything they could to demonize Ron. They underestimated his -- and our intelligence.

If you're a sociopath like Boks you see everybody burdened with conscience as a sucker ripe to be played. And who's going to be burdened with conscience more than people who feel pain and pity when they see an animal suffering?

I don't think Boks picked this racket by accident. I think he saw a vast field of suckers waiting to get plucked. And I think he saw fellow conscience-less opportunists like Villaraigosa as ready and willing accomplices. You think Antonio looks at Boks and sees anything wrong with a guy who tries to get rich and famous -- and laid -- at our vast expense? I somehow doubt it. I don't think either of them even understands why we care about cats, dogs, turtles and everyone else. They're just animals...

The question is, how much longer are any elements of the rescue community going to allow themselves to be played by Boks? What is it you think you're going to gain by letting him use you to prop up his paper-thin credibility? Is it worth the price of one more dead dog or cat? Was it worth the probable death of Muffin, Johnny and Burt? Ron cared for them and loved them, and Boks killed them -- for publicity. And Villaraigosa has made it clear that he does not care.


Ron Mason called the Clerk of Court this morning. No charges have been filed. She told Mason he had been exonerated and his bail money would be returned.

Therefore the investigation is over. The case is over. ISN'T IT?

It appears not.

The City Attorney's Office says they have a year to investigate the case no matter what the court does. The District Attorney has recommended the charges be downgraded to a misdemeanor. Of course, he had been charged with a felony.

Of course no one can talk to Deputy City Attorney Don Cocek, prosecutor in this case, as he is always away for the holidays or whatever even though he is in his office.

What happened to a speedy trial?

Guess the City thinks it is entitled to take multiple whacks at Ron (or you for that matter). Arrest Mason, charge him, fail to show at arraignment, fail to file papers with the court for 16 days afterwards, have the case exonerated, then do it all over again whenever they want. Over and over and over. In the meantime, Boks need say nothing about the cats held as evidence including how many are left alive and where they are located.

Catastrophic Increase of Animals Dying in Shelters Under Ed Boks


This chart shows the huge increase in the number of animals dying in the shelters since Ed Boks became General Manager. Dying in the shelter means animals that died because of disease, fighting, injuries or neglect. These numbers are in addition to the euthanasia numbers.

But this is nothing compared to the Catastophic increase in killing for "Other Animals." It is best not to be a hamster under Boks.


Ron Mason's Cats Still Missing

Ron Mason never received a list of the number or description of the cats confiscated from his house contrary to law. Guess they figured they could skip procedures because no one would be paying any attention.

He has been denied access to any of the confiscated cats supposedly at East or West Valley.

We, the public, also have been denied assess to any information about these animals. We don'y know whether more have been killed, whether they are in some evidence animal area, or whether they have been fostered.

We do not know what happened to Muffin, Burt or Johny, and perhaps to another 50 or so cats. Most likely Burt was killed because the vet could not distinguish between a new or an old injury and decided he didn't want to treat the cat--just kill him. Ditto Johny, whose only crime was being old. Muffin and Johny are orange. They were two other orange adults. Are any orange cats still alive?

We do know that Boks said 25 had been destroyed as of October 21 but we do not know which ones and why. We want and need that data.

Mason's traps and cages still have not been returned to him despite repeated assertions they would be by Troy Boswell. Mason has visited the West Valley shelter at least 7 times as well as at least 3 times to the East Valley shelter to recover his cages and traps. Each time he was told they were there or they would be there. When he arrived as per appointment, they were not.

Mr. Boks, what is going on? Where are the evidence cats? Where is your transparency? Ron is loooking for his cats.

Funny but O So True Comment About Boks' No-Kill Programs

Another reader sent in a comment worth separate posting. This is a perfect capture of what Boks' No-Kill initiatives are:

"Boks' new "nokill" programs.

Forget BigFix, STAR or Felix programs. These programs actually "work!"

1. Kitten/feral cat refusal program. Refuse to take in animals most likely to be euthanized. Let people dump these animals on the street to create even more kittens that you can refuse next year. The Department doesn't do feral cat sweeps so no one will know.

2. Overcrowding and warehousing. Pack as many animals as you can into each kennel. Let they kill each other in cage fights or give each other fatal diseases. Don't provide them with veterinary care so they will die on their own. At least they won't end up in the euthanasia column. That's all that matters.

3. Last but not least, just tell everyone you are "nokill." Mislead people by twisting numbers and doing funny math. Most people won't look at the actual statistics because you need a calculator to read them. This is how Ed Boks makes animal shelters "nokill." He just makes things appear to be nokill on paper. More animals are actually dying but that doesn't matter. Appearances are all that matter to Boks and our Mayor."

25% of "Other Animals" Dying in Animal Services Shelters

A commenter's post below deserves its own post. Mason was a piker compared to Boks who oversees the well being of over 50,000 animals a year. I'll bet Mason spent a lot more per animal on medical care, food and housing than did Animal Services and probably had a much lower death rate:

"Here are numbers for ALL animals that died on their own in the shelter from illness and injury:

2004/05.. 1251
2005/06 ..1462


Here are bunnies that were euthanized:

04/05 132
05/06 395
06/07 482

Almost four times as many bunnies were euthanized since Boks got here.

Here are others that died from lack of care in the shelter:

04/05 460
05/06 704
06/07 1984 !!!

Intake is down yet animals dying is up!

04/05 5% died
05/06 8% died
06/07 25% died!!!

Heaven forbid you lose your bird or other pet, it has a 25% chance of dying in the shelter before you can find it. Some of these animals dying are lost pets. Mayor Bloomberg fired Boks when he did this in New York, yet our Mayor Villaraigosa thinks that allowing animals to die of illness and injury in the shelter is fine. That's animal cruelty. Our City is committing animal cruelty. This is a criminal act."

Here is another comment that deserves it own posting:

"Kitten intake in all other surrounding shelters was up this year, yet it was down in LA City by 40%. That's no anomaly. That's Boks fudging the numbers.

He did the same thing in Arizona and New York. He refused kittens and feral cats, voila, euthanasia is down. Did he save those animals? No. They just ended up on the street. Now he's trying to blame the high number of animals dying in the shelter on the bottle baby fosters. Most of the cats/dogs that died in the shelter were adult cats that died in the shelter, not with fosters. Boks would blame the deaths on Mother Teresa if she were alive. He's that shameless.

Those animals died from disease, lack of medical care because of Boks' overcrowding and lack of vets. Here are Brad Jensen's charts charts Look at the increase in cat/dog death. The increase for others is much, much higher.



That is gross mismanagement but no one cares here in LA. When Boks did this in New York he was fired. If you or I let our animal die from disease, we'd be busted like Mason and in jail. Mason's animals weren't even dying. Some had a cold, one had a limp, one was just old. Boks has committed gross animal cruelty and neglect."

Animal Services October Statistics Are Out



Much, much worse are the died in shelter numbers and rates for “All Other Animals.” Last year it was 704. This year it is 1,984, a little short of triple despite the fact that hundreds fewer were impounded. Why? New Hope rescues were at 450% of the level of Animal Services adoptions.

The biggest joke is the killing of neonatal kittens. Euthanasia is down big time, but artificially. Boks has refused to take in kittens, giving the owners, like Ron Mason, bottle feeding kits instead. In this year of a bumper crop of kittens all over California, Animal Services officially took in 2,200 fewer than the year before. How many were refused and how many just were not counted, no one knows. The number of kittens dying in the shelter more than doubled from 400 to 802 despite far fewer being brought in.

Boks has not explained how or why the impound numbers for neonatals decreased so much compared to LA County and other shelters. He calls it an anomaly, which means refusing and warehousing.


Ed Boks et al most likely created an audition tape for Animal Precinct by raiding the home of Ron Mason, destroying his life and killing at least 25 cats.

A commenter sent the below email to the Viewer Relation staff of Discovery Channel, which hosts Animal Precinct:

Re Animal Precinct

Ed Boks of LA Animal Services is telling people that they may do five episodes on Animal Precinct. In order to create his "audition tape," they raided a man with many cats. They said his cats had panleukemia when they did not. They said the health department said he violated health codes when they did not. They videotaped the bust just to get on your show. They've since not even charged him though they made him pay $20,000 bail and they killed all of his cats. Only a few had colds. Please, do not allow LA City to be on your show. They destroyed a man and killed all his cats just to make a video for you.
Go to the Viewer Relations contact page below and post your own thoughts. Send them the link to this blog. Write your own opinion, but do it!
Here is another letter you might edit and send in:

Ed Boks of LA Animal Services wants to do a series on Animal Precinct. Part of it, or so it appears, was to produce a video for you via LA City TV.

Ron Mason's home was raided by Boks' Animal Services and 30 people from other City/County agencies. They published all sorts of libelous facts about him, such as he had a mental illness, and that he lived in filth and that Health charges were forthcoming. Well, County Health did not charge him.The inspector who came later, said he had seen places 1,000 times worse.

When Mason appeared in court for his arraignment, the City Attorney failed to show so he was not even brought up on charges. Calling the City Attorney's Office, one finds that Mason's name does not even appear on their database.

Boks is now trying to make this case go away, as they have been caught in so many procedural mistakes.

They told the press and on the Animal Services website that Mason's cats had panleukenia. It turns out Boks admitted that lab testing was negative. They killed at least half of the impounded cats saying they were irremediably suffering, when in fact, one they killed had a limp due to an orthopedic operation 3 years ago. Another, Johny was likley killed because he was old. Animal Services and the City Attorney's Office will release no information even under a request for public records on anything regarding the cats, saying they are evidence animals, yet they killed 25 or more evidence animals, hence, no evidence.

Mason Busted to Promote Boks' Pet Precinct TV Series?

In his September/October report to the Animal Services Commission, Ed Boks states:

"The Department has recently had conversations with the producers of the Animal Planet show “Animal Precinct” about putting together a five-show pilot that would feature the Department’s animal care centers and staff. Currently, the Department has been working with series creator Morgan Spurlock and the producers of the FX Networks show “30 Days” to film an episode at one of the Department’s animal care centers."


As you know, Animal Precinct features investigations, among other things, of alleged animal abuse.

Isn’t it convenient that Boks releases information that he is in touch with Animal Precinct for a five episode series
five weeks after Mason was busted? Do you think the TV footage shot by City TV was sent to the producers of Animal Precinct? I think so.

Once again, Boks was willing to waste a man’s life and kill dozens and maybe scores of cats for good PR. What a scumbag and what a legal and PR disaster for the City and the City Attorney's Office.


Unbelievable events about the Mason “hoarder” bust case.

Mason called Deputy City Attorney Cocek’s office to get information about his case re charges against him and timeline. Remember, Mason showed up in court on November 6, 2007 for arraignment on felony animal neglect charges, but the City Attorney did not. As a matter of fact, there is no information anywhere you call in the City about Mason’s case.

Don Cocek was not there—he was “away for the holidays.” Mason talked to his secretary, Sharon.

Sharon told Mason that his name was nowhere to be found. It did not come up on the computer. There were, in other words, no charges filed. They had disappeared after Boks so publicly announced Mason had been so charged!

From the Animal Services website, under Truth vs. Rumor, today, November 19, 2007. Boks says: The investigation provided ample evidence of animal neglect and hoarding and a search and arrest warrant was served on October 11, 2007, on Mr. Mason, charging him with California Penal Code Section 597 (B) Felony Animal Neglect.

Mason then asked for his sister’s $20,000 bail money back. Sharon told him that they can keep the $20,000 for up to a year while the case is under investigation. Mason asked, “what case if there are no charges”? Sharon told him the City Attorney’s Office has up to a year to investigate and file charges. He told her he thought they had 10 days to file charges and she said no—they had a year. She also told him there was no information the charges would be downgraded to a misdemeanor.

Now Boks is hiding the evidence animals, by denying both Mason and the public access to the animals, if any are alive, under the cloak of an investigation that can last a year. He will not divulge any information about the animals to Mason or the public.

Mason asked for information about his animals so that he could adopt them out as he had been doing before the bust. He was afraid the City was going to be adding up a bill for housing the animals for a year, then file criminal charges, and make a forgiveness of the vast sum of money he would owe the City as part of a plea bargain to a misdemeanor.

He went to both the East Valley and West Valley shelters and they would give him NO information about the evidence animals. They have not returned his traps or cages. Shelter manager Boswell promised to return them last Thursday, yet now can’t remember this pledge to Mason.

This is unbelievable!!!
Who owns the City??? How can anyone trust anything the City does under the cloak of law?

Mason: I wasn't Just Asking Animal Services for Help; I was Begging

Why did the Animal Cruelty Task Force choose Mason to bust?

Easy. He had been asking for help for three years. Instead of help they gave him vouchers and a list of non-profit organizations that did TNR. He was providing the cats with vet services within his capacity. Animal Services regularly came to his house to inspect and give him orders to comply, such as to take Burt in to a vet because he limped, despite Mason's repeating the story over and over that Burt limped because he had a pin in his leg. There was no help offered or supplied, only directives.

Beginning nine weeks before the October 11 bust, he stated pregnant moms were showing up all over the place, leading some to think the TNR groups were dumping them at Mason's house. He said he was not just asking West Vally Animal Services for help, he was begging for help. Instead they gave him feeder kits and told him to bring them in when they were eight weeks old.

Because Animal Services was constantly on his property and he had allowed a City lock on his gate, the City was intimately aware of his problems. Yet, they did not help.

Instead they raided his house, threw him in handcuffs, charged him with felony animal neglect, made him post a $20,000 bond, invited the press and City TV along for Boks' publicity, as well as brought in a County Health Inspector for a ride-along.

Finally, Boks libeled and convicted Mason, offering "evidence" about the medical condition of the cats and kittens killed and refused to release that same evidence to the public via a request for records. Boks pronounced the magic words, "irremediably suffering" and at least 25 cats were killed based on his summary of the LAAS vet's opinion. Then Boks said Mason was a hoarder, which he stated was a mental illness.

Why Mason? Because he was an easy target. He was extremely open and transparent with Animal Services who knew how many cats he had, he had no money for a lawyer, his place smelled for the reporters and there were bound to be sick cats just as there are thousands in Boks' "shelters" during the course of a year.

Then Boks "rescued" the cats and killed half within a few days, using the magic words, "irremediably suffering," and probably also adding to his long list of Hayden violations. Is Boks hiding that information because he doesn't want to reveal that Animal Services was violating Hayden yet again? We don't know. He is not letting anyone know.

The incomplete list of confiscated items did not include descriptions of any cats. Then Boks and the LAAS vet destroyed the evidence without a judges order, violating, I believe, the rules of evidence concerning animals in a criminal case. Apparently several prosecution cases have been lost in San Diego due to the lack of a judge's order allowing evidence animals to be destroyed.

Of course, all this means nothing without a lawyer and they knew Mason could not afford one. The City had all the aces. Mason did not stand a chance.

Dana Bartholomew was told the cats would be treated and then fostered out as evidence animals, but Boks has refused to give Mason or anyone else any information on those animals.

Please See Comments Below About Boks Being Fired in New York

When I and Animal Friend were defending Boks against claims he was fired in New York, he emailed me the media article about getting a performance award. As explained below in the comments to my post about Boks being fired in NY, the commenter claims Boks formed the organization that gave him the award and wrote his own press release.

I think Ed has been doing that here every time he opens his mouth or writes a blog entry.

Even more, one commenter posts an email from Boks blaming everyone in NYC being responsible for his problems as well as an alleged past girlfriend there being an ADL contact.

Mr. Boks, Where are Muffin, Burt and Johny?

Mr. Boks, where is Muffin--the cat your employees strangled? Is he alive or did the after effects of strangulation kill him?

You have denied Ron Mason access to his own cats to see if any are alive because they are "evidence" animals.
Your employees killed so many of these evidence animals so that there is no more evidence. Killing so many animals is evidence of the lack of good faith you and your employees have in fulfilling you obligation to save lives.

You have denied the public access to ANY information about Ron Mason's cats other that what you splashed all over the Internet on the animal Services' website, because, in your words, they are evidence animals. You have not given anyone, including Mason, any impound numbers so that ANYONE can know where they are.

Who are they being reserved to see? Don Cocek? A judge? West Coast Rendering? Do you think these animals will be kidnapped before Mason's hearing if anyone, including Mason sees them--or photographs them?

Most assuredly they are dead. Prove me wrong.

Under law you are not obligated to deny access to these animals, it is your decision. On former "hoarder" busts--I will not name names--you have supplied impound numbers so that their owners can track them. What about non-hoarder busts? These animals have been held for months and their owners given access.

Why the double standard other than that information will reveal how many cats that you "rescued" were actually killed, how little if any treatment was given, that a cat with a surgical pin was destroyed for no reason other than lack of room and caring on the part of employees, and probably before its Hayden mandated four days were up? How many Hayden Act violations will we find in the Mason case?

We are onto you Ed and are following your every word and official action as General Manager.

Boks Was Fired From New York

It appears that ADL and Annette Stark were absolutely accurate when they stated Boks was fired from Animal Services in New York.

The below was sent to Ed Boks by Gary Kaskel an animal activist suing the Mayor's Alliance:

>From: Gary Kaskel <>>To: Ed Boks <>>Subject: Shelter Reform Action Committee vs.City of NY et al.

Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2006 15:36:28 -0400.

Attached you will find the 14-page affidavit of Ed Boks, former executive director of Animal Care & Control of NYC, who describes in intimate detail many troubling aspects of the Department of Health's culture of fear and non-cooperation with efforts to improve their miserable track record managing NYC's animal shelters, and the failure of ACC's board of directors to act as a real board should act.

Anyone involved with the animal services contract who sees this narrative as merely that of a disgruntled ex-employee is missing the point.

Boks is a disgruntled ex-employee? Do you mean Gary that he didn't leave on good terms from New York?

Ron Mason Refused Access to his Impounded Cats. Boswell Says they are Evidence Animals

Ron Mason went to the West Valley shelter to see if any were alive. The front desk person was going to allow him access to the evidence animal section, but called Boswell to check. Boswell refused access saying they are evidence animals! Not only can he not take them home, he cannot even see if any are alive.

Since he is being refused access, it is clear that few are left alive and most assuredly Burt has been killed--the one with the surgical pin in his leg-I guess he was considered irremediably suffering too by the same vet that killed all the kittens despite the fact the only tests done were negative for panleukemia.

He also wanted copies of the cas' medical records confiscated. That too was denied him as evidence.

Also, he wanted his traps and cages back. he was taken to the back where he said there were hundreds of cages and traps. None were his. He was then told that they were at the East Valley shelter. They were not there either. Then he was told that were at the Annex. A bit frustrated, he was told they would be delivered to his house. Mason said thank you very much, but take the traps/cages to West Valley and I'll pick them up there. Wonder why he didn't want Animal Services anywhere near his house?

Can you imagine the disarray at Animal Services since they cannot even track confiscated cages and evidence animals? God help the animals incarcerated there.

Don Cocek's Place in all this?

The Mason case continues to raise eyebrows in many ways.

It turns out that Don Cocek (DCOCEK@ATTY.LACITY.ORG), the Deputy City Attorney handling the Mason case is also on the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles SPCA. In itself this appears to be a conflict of interest.

Doing even a brief google of “Los Angeles SPCA, Bernstein and Cocek” reveals one case where an “animal abuser” who plead guilty was required to pay “restitution” money to the SPCALA. And Cocek is on the Board of Directors? Isn’t this a conflict of interest?

Even more, taking words right out of Boks’ mouth, terms of probation which Boks mentioned in his Mason post, required community service and counseling. Now who does the counseling here, another SPCA/City sponsored, system-wide mental health unit?

From the SPCALA site:

Van Nuys – April 27, 2005 – A Tujunga pet shop owner accused of not providing proper medical care and not having proper veterinary records pled guilty to one misdemeanor count of violation of Penal Code 597 (b) animal cruelty in Van Nuys Court yesterday.

Souren Minasyan received 36 months probation, 200 hours community service and must pay $1,326 restitution to Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA). In addition, Minasyan must undergo mandatory counseling.

In December 2004, spcaLA Humane Officers received a tip from the cruelty tipline. SPCALA Cruelty Investigators turned the case over to Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney Don Cocek and charges were filed.

“This owner of this pet shop was charged and convicted thanks to a tip from the public,” said spcaLA President Madeline Bernstein.

Also from the SPCALA website we find that Cocek and Bernstein are teaching classes together to train people wanting to begin careers in animal control or update their resumes. Naturally, there is a fee for this course, and since Mr. Cocek handles all animal cruelty cases, I guess he’d know how to do pre and post seizures.

Below is the listing of seminar topics taught by Bernstein and Cocek at a February 2006 seminar for “Animal Control and Humane Law Enforcement” in Pasadena. Maybe Bernstein can teach Boks how to survive this scandal in the media. Below that is a class Bernstein and Cocek taught together.

SERVICES: Surviving Scandals and Crises in the Media (Madeline Bernstein, President, spcaLA; Dawn Cotterell, Director of Communications and Marketing, spcaLA; and James Lee, President, The Lee Strategy Group) MANAGEMENT & FIELD SERVICES (Joint Session): Administrative Law and Its Application to PC 597.1 Hearings (Madeline Bernstein, President, spcaLA and Donald Cocek, Deputy City Attorney, Los Angeles City Attorney's Office)

Interesting also is that Cocek appeared to be discrediting the BHLE who also provides training to the humane community on law enforcement.

Personally, I have a high regard for the SPCALA, especially in their dealings with people in the rescue community whom I know. Others give me a completely different take, such as an excessive use of force. I just find delineating all the various animal-related law enforcement connections to be quite interesting.


I understand that the charges against Ron Mason will be downgraded from felony animal neglect to misdemeanor animal neglect. The case will be handled by Don Cocek, Assistant City Attorney. His FAX is (213) 978-8312. I just sent him this Fax:

Dear Mr. Cocek,

The charges against Mr. Mason are being downgraded to Misdemeanor Animal Neglect. This does not change the fact that Mason was publicly tried and convicted in the Daily News as well as on the Los Angeles Animal Services website under “Truth vs. Rumor,” where purported “evidence” to support his arrest was presented by Ed Boks, the General Manager. Subsequently, Animal Services has refused to release exactly that same evidence mentioned by Boks under a request for public records.

Boks stated he is "unable" to release such documents under law, despite the fact he freely published that same information on a City website and similar evidence was relayed to Daily News reporter Dana Bartholomew.

Boks, on that website, said conditions of probation will provide Mason with the counseling and support he needs. He presumed Mason was guilty and already knew the sentence.

As you can see below (sent to Cocek but not included again here), Mason was not Mirandized and Animal Services lied to the Daily Press reporter about the disposition of the animals and their medical condition. Dana Bartholomew was told the cats would be medically treated and fostered and instead, they were killed.

I am also curious about what was said on the complaint that led to the warrant, especially as Mason stated it appeared they were looking for something other than animals, which I assume means drugs and none were found.

Since County Health cleared Mr. Mason of County Health violations, it appears the only evidence against Mr. Mason is testimony of LAAS and the ACTF personnel that the living conditions constituted an immediate danger to the animals. I was there two or three days later and then again six days later, and most recently three days ago. I took photographs, some of apparently healthy cats and kittens. I did not find his property nearly so offensive as Boks and LAAS vet Dr. Rao purport.

So far as I know, no blood or stool diagnostic tests were administered to any of the animals confiscated on October 11; therefore the only evidence you have is the LAAS vet’s opinion regarding their health and whether they were irremediably suffering. Despite this being his professional opinion, this opinion can be challenged and will be challenged, based on impound records not released by Boks, the voluminous medical records Mason was able to reconstruct that show adequate care has been provided for years, and the lack of objective testing to support Rao’s opinion. In fact, the only objective diagnostic testing from the professional lab, Antech, proved the kittens did not have panleukemia, and perhaps none of the big four viral infections.

It also is merely his opinion that Mason’s property was so awful, an opinion to be challenged by me and other witnesses, and by the fact that County Health inspector Manuel Garcia was satisfied with the health status of Mason’s property. Elements of the complete case can be found on my blog:

Please print out the above post, change it if you will, as that will give your fax more credence, and fax it to Cocek at the phone number above. When I get his phone number, I'll post it.

In the meantime, Mr. Boks, where are Muffin, Johny and Burt? Are they alive or dead? If the latter, why? Do you normally kill such a high percentage of evidence animals? I guess a dead evidence animal is no evidence animal.

Health Inspector Manuel Garcia says nothing is wrong with Mason's premises

Not surprisingly, given all the holes and hyperbole well as flagrant libel by Ed Boks, County Health inspector Manuel Garcia inspected Ron Mason's property this morning.

He said, "There is nothing wrong with this; I have seen 1,000 times worse." No action was taken. County is satisfied.

I visited Ron yesterday to give him all the postings on my blog re his case to give to an attorney if he ever gets one. Actually, the property looked about the same to me.

So, Mr. Boks and Mr. Therber and Mr. Lesel, where is the felony animal neglect?

Correction; It is not the District Attorney but the City Attorney who is handling the Mason case

I found out it is not the DA but the City Attorney who is handling the Mason case. I called them and Mason's name does not come up. The case has disappeared I guess.

Will Ron be charged by LAAS for room and board for X number of evidence animals if any are left alive? Will Boks release the impound and disposition information on the impounded cats? Will we ever find out how many cats were impounded, whether it was 12 kittens or 6 kittens on October 9, and 37 or 51 cats on October 11? Will we ever find out how many were killed? Will we find out what medical diagnostic tests were administered to any of the cats impounded on October 11, or will we discover it was all left up to the discetion of the West Valley vet, who, apparently may not have provided any viral tests whatsoever, which would be routine to a vet in private practice. Was any treatment other than Euthanol afforded the cats?

And will Dana Bartholomew write the followup story he promised?

Will we find out what happened to Muffin, Johny and Burt with the pin in his leg? Will Ed give out a press release about the case going away for whatever reason? Will the department offer or broker and real help for Mason?

Call the City Attorney's Office:

Bob Ferber, head of the Animal Protection Unity ate (310) 202-3800, email

Rocky Degadillo at (213) 978-8100, email (213) 978-8100, and
Dov Lesel at

It may be that the case is over. After Mason's get his money back, AND his cats so that they can be fostered. I personally will no longer cover the case except for the disposition of Mason's cats, and instead will move onto recounting a whole bunch of similar busts, the tactics used and their patterns.

One very interesting bit of info, Mason called the inspector that came to his house during the bust. This inspector said he was the wrong person the call as Mason was not in his area. Mason asked why, therefore, was he there. The guy (I forgot his name for a moment) simply stated he was asked to ride along on the bust. Mason asked who asked him, and the inspector refused to give that information. Was it Boks, the City Attorney, Dov Lesel, someone on the ACTF?


Ron Mason reported to court for arraignment on felony animal neglect charges on November 6 as required. He waited the entire day. As the court was closing, he asked the bailiff what was happening.

He was finally told that ALL PAPERWORK on his case had been LOST!! Four phone calls to the DA’s Office by the Court Commissioner confirmed no one had any paperwork! Mason was given a certificate that he had appeared in court. He has called the DA’s Office twice a day since and no one gets back to him.

They lost the paperwork after they figured Mason was not an easy target, that he had friends. They want to make this case go away before it is publicly revealed that:

1. Mason was not Mirandized; there are witnesses to that effect.

2. Most, if not all the evidence animals have been killed.

3. Impound and medical records of the cats, including the results of examination and testing have been refused public release despite Ed Boks publicly revealing these and similar “facts” to the media and on an official city website. In effect, Mason was publicly tried and convicted in the newspapers and on the Internet. Boks went so far as to say that conditions of probation will provide Mason with “support.”

4. Animals Services lied to Daily News reporter Dana Bartholomew saying that Mason’s cats had panleukemia. These kittens were destroyed. They did not have panleukemia after tests performed by Antech Lab proved negative.

5. Animal Services also lied to Bartholomew when they told him the cats would be treated and then fostered. Instead they were just killed.

6. The original complaint that led to the warrant is also being kept under lock and key. Did the warrant mention “panleukemia?”

7. Mason’s records regarding his every encounter with Animal Services over the previous 2 years, as well as all the vet records which would show he was regularly taking cats to veterinarians for treatment and spay/neutering were not returned or even copies given to him. In fact, the list of items confiscated given to him by the police did not mention many items they did take.

In other words, there are too many embarrassing details in this case for the DA to go forward. They want the case to just go away. They had their positive media exposure thanks to the Daily News and that’s all the Task Force and Boks were interested in, certainly not the health and welfare of the animals—they killed those and the rest have disappeared, and Boks refuses to reveal where they are. Likely most, if not all, are dead.

What I find amazing is that since I first posted about the Mason bust, several other persons who were similarly raided called or emailed me about similar experiences. I will slowly post these over the next few weeks, but it appears that Mason-style busts happen fairly frequently, sometimes with a dozen police with drawn guns and persons put in handcuffs on the street for all passersby and neighbors to see, and then no charges were filed. It is interesting that the original complaints that led to the warrants are never revealed.

I find it reprehensible that as soon as these rescuers are raided, the entire animal community turns on them. It may be that they fear being busted by Animal Services and a SWAT team at 7 a.m. too, because they have too many cats or dogs.

These are intimidation tactics used to stifle complaints against Animal Services by members of the LA rescue community. In Mason’s case, even his vets told him then didn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore, and refused to give him records over three years old. Apparently Animal Services visited them too, or else they were afraid the City might take a look at their licenses.

By the way, County Health gave Mason an “Official Notice” that he was “in violation,” and that he had 30 days to do all sorts of things. The notice never mentioned the code being violated. But get this; Mason has called that inspector twice a day for the last week asking him to inspect his house. That inspector has never, ever even returned Mason’s phone calls let alone showed up on the cited inspection day.

I hope you readers out there realize that the City and Ed Boks really don't care about the animals except in a numbers way. They will do and say anything to covers their butts and to look good for the Mayor.

In any event, once the charges are dropped and Mason's relative's bond money returned, I'll likely drop mention of his case and move onto other things, especially the suspicious nature of who is and who is not subject to raids by the ACTF and Animal Services.

Ed Boks Giving a Media Prosecuted Hoarder the Support and Counseling He Needs

Ed Boks said he hoped that Ron Mason's arrest and probation would give him the support and counseling he needs to break the vicious cycle of breeding in Mason's backyard.

I assume this is Mason's first counseling session, the second was at the police station when he was "interviewed" for 5 minutes by some psych assistant.

Oops. Ed forgot to mention that Mason asked Animal Services to take the cats away nine weeks before the bust.
Instead, they gave him bottle feeding kits and vouchers for spay/neuter--and a list of rescue groups.

Boks helped Muffin too. Where is Muffin?

Oh, I forgot, Ed won't tell us until the case is over and we make a separate request for public records at that time. A little late for Muffin--No?

Boks Says He is "Unable" to Comply With a Request for Records About Mason's Cats by Law

This is from a man who blabbed to reporters and to the public on his Internet site, incredible amounts of purported facts and evidence in this case. Now, he says he is "unable" to comply with Brad's request for all information about the confiscated cats "by law." Is this because all of the cats are dead and there is now no evidence of Mason's alleged felony neglect?

This is Boks reply:

Dear Mr. Jensen,

Thank you for your e-mail of October 30, 2007, to the Department of Animal Services (Department), requesting, "Any and all information on cats found at the Ron Mason property located in thel 8700
block of Napa Street in Northridge impounded by Los Angeles Animal Services."

The California Public Record Act (CPRA) §6252 (e) defines a public record as any writing containing information relating to the conduct of the public's business. prepared, owned, used, or retained by any
state or local agency regardless of physical form or characteristics. CPRA §6254 states "Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to require disclosure of records that are Records of complaints to, or investigations conducted by, the office of the Attorney General and the Department of Justice, and any state or local police agency, any investigatory files by any other state or local agency for correctional, law enforcement, or licensing purposes.."

Based on the aforementioned CPRA §6254 (f), the Department is unable to release the records you requested as they are a part of an ongoing investigation. Upon completion of the investigation you may submit a request for any records associated with the case except for those precluded from release by state or local statutes.

Boks is above the law but others are not.

Mr Boks, where are Muffin, Johny and Burt? None were ill. None were irremediably suffering, and we saw photos proving Muffin and Johny were alive when captured. Did you kill them? Did the vet think Burt was injured because he was limping from a 3 year ago operation?

Where is all the couseling and support Boks promised?

Boks, in his supremely self-righteous defense of the ACTF still on the LAAS website stated:

"Prosecution and terms of probation will hopefully provide Mr. Mason with the counseling and support he needs and put a stop to the tragic cycle of breeding and suffering occurring on his premises."

Ed, where is the system-wide mental health task force? Where is the support? You didn't even take the cats when he asked Animal Services for help 10 weeks ago.

Ron will be looking for his cats today at the shelters. We doubt he will find any. Since Boks will not release the impound, medical records and disposition information on his cats, because he "is unable by law," we assume they are dead, Muffin, Johny and Burt.

Boks can release all the information he wants, when he wants publicly on his site and to the media, but when more information is requested, he is unable by law. What a hypocrite.

As one reader wrote:

"Boks sure is an asshole to destroy this guy just for some press. Where is this help that Boks said they will give him in the press release."

Ron Mason Needs Help

I just talked to Ron Mason. He has been living at the same Napa Street address for his entire life of 59 years.

Boks' felony bust made him the laughing stock of his community. He has been thoroughly humiliated in front of his neighbors and peers.

He has no money and is unable to work. He had no money and did not eat for three days until one of the readers of my blog sent him and his cats some money.This was the only person other than myself out of all the readers of my blog and recipients of my emails that called him or offered any help. I had no idea otherwise I would have sent money too. Guess I was so filled with what I was doing that I didn't realize how bad off Ron was.

His mother pays the taxes on the house and his sister cashed in a 401K CD to post his $20,000 bond.Ron's cats still need food, rescue and homes.

He is going to the East and West Valley shelters tomorrow to try to find his cats. Since Boks is not responding to our request for documents about the cats, we can only assume the worst--that Burt, Muffin, Johny and all the others with names I haven't stated, are dead.

Ron needs help. His kitties need food, rescue and placement. The only cats Animal Services took were the most domesticated ones easily caught--and the kittens who couldn't run.

Please call him at 818 993-6816 and offer him something.


Ed Boks has denied Brad Jensen's request for public records regarding impound data and disposition of Ron Mason's cats because it is part of an ongoing criminal investigation.

Well Mr. Boks, what about all the evidence you released about the cats to the public on the LAAS website, or to the Daily News reporter, such as how many were killed, how many had Panleulemia or Rhinotracheitis, how many were suffering, your statement that Muffin was not injured after being strangled at the end of a catch pole, how many were treated, how many fostered, how many evidence animals were killed without a written o.k. from a judge.

Boks thinks he can try and humiliate Mason publicly and not allow Mason to publicly respond to alleged evidence which may not exist.

Ed, you opened the door regarding making public much alleged evidence. Why won't you release that evidence under a public request?

It is obvious you are hiding something, perhaps that there is no evidence at all to support even one bit of your public accusations against Ron Mason.

Mr. Boks, did you break the when you released evidence in an ongoing criminal investigation? What happened to the medical records and other records confiscated by the police on October 11? Inquiring minds want to know.
Don't you think the ACTF and anyone else involved have reasons to cover their asses on this one? They thought this was going to be the PR coup of all time for all of them, hence the reporter and the vet and the grandiose statements from Boks on the official city site.

But they already have a complaint on Detective Linda Ortega, who is a cop, not an ACO. The DA isn't going to want to prosecute someone who already has people wanting to protect Mason, particularly people from the very community they thought they were capturing: the rescue community.

They can't proceed when so many eyes are on them, when the very PR apparatus they brought can't support or witness that Ron ever got read his rights. Photographer's standing -- what -- four or five feet from Ron as he's being cuffed, and somehow he never heard Miranda rights being read to Ron? Not to mention that Mason’s vet records have never been returned to him, and even the list of confiscated items sent to him by the LAPD omits many items taken.

Boks has used an official city site to publicize the purported “evidence” against Mason, and we all are waiting to see what that evidence says as well as Mason’s rebutting evidence. I would especially like to see the evidence about the Animal Services veterinarian’s “tough but compassionate" decision to kill the cats, including the medical condition of the kittens, but especially the records regarding Burt if he were killed, and that the vet missed the fact that his limp was from a surgical operation not neglect of an injured cat. How competent would such a vet be, or did the vet decide that no one would be looking, so killing an old cat would just save space for a kitten?

The one good thing about Boks is that he's incompetent. It's just like with the Pit Bull Academy. He either doesn't know or doesn't care about procedure. He gets stopped because he screws up in ways that are impossible to overlook. The City Council (I think it was), I'm sure didn't WANT to put the kibosh on Pit Bull Academy, but they couldn't ignore his blowing off SEIC and doing everything else wrong. He though he could PR his way through and he couldn't. He can't PR his way through the Constitution either. But you can bet the police and the D.A aren't happy with Boks either at this point. Particularly if they too were told the kittens tested positive for panleukemia.

Boks' Incredibly Shrinking Defense of the Mason Bust

Boks' defense of the ACT bust of Ron Mason originally posted as "Fact vs. Rumor #12," has been edited three times. The original post was 1,623 words long, and now it is down to 1,003 words. Old bits of information keep dropping off and new bits are added.

Not explained was how City TV got to be at the bust and what happened to the videotape. Calls to its media director have ended in silence on their part, as if the event never occurred. Boks may have wanted the tape to go away as it may have been even more revealing than the Daily News photographs.

Gone from the post is the information that all the kittens were killed. Added was the phrase that all of the 6 kittens impounded on October 9 were killed because they were misdiagnosed. Retained is the ridiculous accusation that 12 healthy cats were used as a breeding stock

Nor has the department produced any impound or vet records that the 12 healthy cats were unaltered. Mason states that although he was in cuffs outside the house and didn't see which cats were taken, of the 14 highly domesticated cats he thinks were caught in the house, nine were altered.

Mason has recovered many medical records from his former vets. I will soon begin to post this information, including records of Burt's orthopedic leg/hip surgery three years ago.

I will also post the warrant in its entirety

Strangely, Truth vs. Rumor #12 post still pretends to have been written on October 11, and still says at of October 26, 25 cats were destroyed.

There are a LOT of unanswered questions at this point such as how the case is progressing. Mason was released after posting bail of $20,000, not on his own recognizance. I guess that money will not be returned until the charges against him have been dropped.