From an email received from the Animal Liberation Press Office:

Late Friday, Nov 23 we paint strippered the white ford explorer license number YYYY in front of the house Jimmy Blackman owns at XXX Bessemer Street. Stop the murder of innocent shelter animals at LA Animal Services, Mr. Deputy Mayor. --ALF

On the night of monday november the 12 we hit the house of Deborah Villar. If the name sounds familiar its cause she is the sister of the mayor of los angeles, california. We spent the last couple months doing some recon at the department of los angeles animal shelters. We even saw places like the rooms they bump off animals. What haunted us most were the wide eyes, wide eyes with the most terrified expressions we ever saw. The stk web site has a video that doesn't show the half of it.

Sorry if you take this the wrong way but we read about a protest at Deborah's house. But we know that in order to change the behavior of a mental case like Antonio Villaraigosa and make him do whats right for these wide eyed animals who still haunt us is to hit him harder and harder. The mayor is the person who has bloody hands who appointed the dirt bag Boks. The mayor is the person who can make the killing come to an end.

Then, from ADL:

It seems Boks' latest strategy is to allow animals to die while imprisoned inside LAAS from willfully untreated injuries and illnesses and thus be excluded from the kill stats. In a recent report, Boks admitted that there has been a 94% increase in the death rates of animals "in the care of LAAS and foster caregivers." Notice how he contemptibly passes the buck onto rescuers who provide foster care! Besides, the increase in these deaths is actually closer to 300% - since he oh-so-conveniently neglects to include bunnies and other animals in the tally.

Next up was the neighborhood of Samuel Blackman. He is the father of Jimmy Blackman, Deputy to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Tony and his staff continue to turn a blind eye and deaf ear on the animals unceremoniously suffering and dying in the clutches of General Manager Ed Boks. Cooking the books; lying; and allowing animals to go untreated at LAAS just so that they can die on their own and be omitted from the "euth" stats is how Boks makes his disingenuous claims that he is moving the municipal shelters along the path to no kill.

It appears that ADL reads this blog and the blast emails I send to the LA Animal Community and Council.


Anonymous said...

My first thought upon starting to read this post was that I'm not sure pursuing relatives of bad actors is the best way to go. But then I read the 3rd comment on the last post, which says in part:

"I was told that when someone donates money to the Department, they instantly take 25% of it and claim it as an "administrative fee."...You can say your donation is for STAR or Big Fix but it all goes to the same place. They can do whatever they want with it, or they can do nothing. You can donate to STAR and they don't have to use the money to help injured animals."

And I start to understand how this community gets radicalized. It's not ADL dressing up in black and scaring little kids in Boks' neighborhood. The ones who radicalize us are Villaraigosa, Boks -- and especially the ones like Blackman and Bickhart who make excuses for them, or conceal the seriousness of the problem and of animal lovers' desperation. It's a City Council and an Animal Services Commission that allow Boks to pocket our donations under false pretenses.

They're the ones causing this by cutting off any legitimate way to help animals in need and any civilized way to get our concerns taken seriously. You call the Mayor's office, they treat you like an idiot. You donate to a specific program that they tell you has a mission that you believe in and want to support -- and they steal the money you worked for and gave out of love.

So when Blackman and Bickhart -- and Riordan and Villaraigosa. and whoever else is telling themselves this issue can be ignored, or shined, or tabled indefinitely, want to know why they and their families are being protested at home the answer is: You deliberately took away all our other options.

Anonymous said...

ADL or ALF shows up at my house and they get peppered with buckshot. I'll send their vegan butts yelling for momma.


Anonymous said...


If you shoot legal protestors, you will go to jail. You can only shoot them if they are about to kill you. If you break the law and end up in jail, you'll be the one screaming for mamma.

Anonymous said...

I think particularly after 9/11, but truthfully even before then the most effective way to quash direct action has been to label it terrorism. But I was watching the HBO documentary on Ingrid Newkirk, who, with others in PeTA, I think has done some good for the cause mixed with a lot of bad. But in the documentary they show video of ALF actions. And I have a hard time condemning people who go in, break and enter, and take victimized animals out of the place that's victimizing them.

I don't think threatening people's kids and relatives is any good, because I think it's immoral and because I think it is much more counterproductive than productive. You threaten a guy's kids and like it or not you make him and his kids sympathetic figures. That's the worst thing about the animal rights movement, particularly PeTA, that they can't tell the difference between publicity and marketing. You are never going to "wake-up call" people into change on a massive scale. You might get one or two by calling them murderers. But if you make them feel true sympathy for the animals, you could get thousands.

That being said, I think taking animals out of situations where they're being tortured and wantonly killed, and finding them a safe, loving place to live is a noble thing.

Anonymous said...

poster 4,

"You might get one or two by calling them murderers. But if you make them feel true sympathy for the animals, you could get thousands."

you also will alienate many by calling them murderers. They will not change their behavior out of spite whereas they might have been persuaded by other means.

Anonymous said...

Poster 5,

Yup, that's what I meant. Have you seen the new PeTA commercial? It aired once that I saw on Animal Planet last night. Says people who buy dogs rather than adopting them are murderers.

Simply as a marketing person, it kills me to think how much they spend to accomplish nothing except pissing people off.