Boks' Incredibly Shrinking Defense of the Mason Bust

Boks' defense of the ACT bust of Ron Mason originally posted as "Fact vs. Rumor #12," has been edited three times. The original post was 1,623 words long, and now it is down to 1,003 words. Old bits of information keep dropping off and new bits are added.

Not explained was how City TV got to be at the bust and what happened to the videotape. Calls to its media director have ended in silence on their part, as if the event never occurred. Boks may have wanted the tape to go away as it may have been even more revealing than the Daily News photographs.

Gone from the post is the information that all the kittens were killed. Added was the phrase that all of the 6 kittens impounded on October 9 were killed because they were misdiagnosed. Retained is the ridiculous accusation that 12 healthy cats were used as a breeding stock

Nor has the department produced any impound or vet records that the 12 healthy cats were unaltered. Mason states that although he was in cuffs outside the house and didn't see which cats were taken, of the 14 highly domesticated cats he thinks were caught in the house, nine were altered.

Mason has recovered many medical records from his former vets. I will soon begin to post this information, including records of Burt's orthopedic leg/hip surgery three years ago.

I will also post the warrant in its entirety

Strangely, Truth vs. Rumor #12 post still pretends to have been written on October 11, and still says at of October 26, 25 cats were destroyed.

There are a LOT of unanswered questions at this point such as how the case is progressing. Mason was released after posting bail of $20,000, not on his own recognizance. I guess that money will not be returned until the charges against him have been dropped.

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Anonymous said...

Look at the other "truth vs rumor." They've all changed. Two even disappeared completely, i.e. Boo Boo, Mom and puppies. Boks writes his insane and totally inaccurate account of events. People complain to the Deputy Mayor and show the truth. Boks is then forced to change his story, over and over. By then, it doesn't matter because people have only read the first one.

The same goes with his blog. His blog posts keep changing and even disappearing. Stark Raving Mad post is gone after he edited it three times. Rumor #4 was greatly changed three times. He's just a liar.