Funny but O So True Comment About Boks' No-Kill Programs

Another reader sent in a comment worth separate posting. This is a perfect capture of what Boks' No-Kill initiatives are:

"Boks' new "nokill" programs.

Forget BigFix, STAR or Felix programs. These programs actually "work!"

1. Kitten/feral cat refusal program. Refuse to take in animals most likely to be euthanized. Let people dump these animals on the street to create even more kittens that you can refuse next year. The Department doesn't do feral cat sweeps so no one will know.

2. Overcrowding and warehousing. Pack as many animals as you can into each kennel. Let they kill each other in cage fights or give each other fatal diseases. Don't provide them with veterinary care so they will die on their own. At least they won't end up in the euthanasia column. That's all that matters.

3. Last but not least, just tell everyone you are "nokill." Mislead people by twisting numbers and doing funny math. Most people won't look at the actual statistics because you need a calculator to read them. This is how Ed Boks makes animal shelters "nokill." He just makes things appear to be nokill on paper. More animals are actually dying but that doesn't matter. Appearances are all that matter to Boks and our Mayor."

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