Where is all the couseling and support Boks promised?

Boks, in his supremely self-righteous defense of the ACTF still on the LAAS website stated:

"Prosecution and terms of probation will hopefully provide Mr. Mason with the counseling and support he needs and put a stop to the tragic cycle of breeding and suffering occurring on his premises."

Ed, where is the system-wide mental health task force? Where is the support? You didn't even take the cats when he asked Animal Services for help 10 weeks ago.

Ron will be looking for his cats today at the shelters. We doubt he will find any. Since Boks will not release the impound, medical records and disposition information on his cats, because he "is unable by law," we assume they are dead, Muffin, Johny and Burt.

Boks can release all the information he wants, when he wants publicly on his site and to the media, but when more information is requested, he is unable by law. What a hypocrite.

As one reader wrote:

"Boks sure is an asshole to destroy this guy just for some press. Where is this help that Boks said they will give him in the press release."


Anonymous said...

I agree.

Boks sure is an asshole.

Anonymous said...

The Department should send social services out there to give him food, cat food, litter. They should put him on welfare, give him food stamps. They need to help this man. Haven't they hurt him and the animals enough.