Boks' S.T.A.R. Program Does Not Exist Except as a Money Maker?

Boks has supposedly started many innovative programs which he brought with him from New York. Of course, the only programs that have helped save lives is his "Kitten Refusal" or numbers from a possible Kitten Pre-impoundment Euthanasia" programs.

One of his imaginary, money-generating programs is STAR, which is listed on the LAPD site on the Animal Cruelty Task Force page, and has its own page on the Animal Services website. STAR means Special Treatment and Recovery. We all wonder who receives this treatment outside of the one dog mentioned on the website. You can donate to this non-existent, money making program at the URL below.

In Boks' June Town Hall meeting, Mike Bell asked Boks asked Boks how much money was in the STAR program fund. Ed did not know. Linda Barth did not know. Mike asked what happened to the donation money. Neither knew.

Then Bell asked Boks how many animals had been treated under STAR. Boks replied he didn't know, maybe because it doesn't exist and funds might be going elsewhere. Boks then asked Linda Barth how many had been treated and Linda said she didn't know but would find out.

Phyllis Daugherty (sp?) piped up and said she knew of one dog treated under STAR. One dog; maybe the pit bull listed on the STAR page. The program apparently does not exist except for PR and to get donation money which spent on non-existing treatment.

The ACTF webpage on the LAPD website says animals impounded from their "rescues" go to the nearest shelter for treatment under STAR. It appears they are either lying, misinformed, or the animals are sent to nothingness.

One commenter said:

Boks did STAR in NY. It's another name only program. He uses it to solicit donations but then doesn't spend the money on the animals. I'm being bombarded by emails from city employees offering free animals that need major surgery. They say we must take them or they will be euthanized because of their injuries. Why don't they spend the STAR money on them, or at least offer to spend that money if rescue agrees to take the animal?

Why indeed?

How can Boks be so thick? He announces euthanasia and save numbers based on voodoo math and announces programs that don't exist or gives an unqualified "friend" (Pia Salk) $20,000 for a zippo project which has not yet generated a report. Yet he thinks he will not be discovered as the fraud he is. I guess he thinks everyone is stupid.

Less surprising is Villaraigosa's complicity--unless Kramer and Blackman are hiding this from him.

Why hasn't the LAPD checked the veracity of claims made on the ACTF page? Bratton and Parks ought to be told.

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