Anonymous Postings

My gut feeling was that I should have my name on this blog. I was warned not to do so by any number of people and that I should start anonymously, that to do so was volunteering for Hell.

Pam Ferdin, on the board of directors of the ADL, hides her identity behind the ADL logo, which also gives her the persona of represnting a large group of the masses. But she is not. Since she has been the only one to publish, no one opposed her, and the ADL did seem larger than life. They are not.

I thought her ADL attacks on Ed Boks were motivated by ego and also to make herself de facto GM. She would kill LAAS morale which would kill more animals. This cannot stand. Not only is it unfair to Ed, it will hurt the animals.

Yet another ADL watchdog

I am struck by the absence of reason and evidence in any of ADL’s postings. There is just charge after charge, criticism after criticism, without one shred of proof. I am also amazed how quickly they can change their spots.

Six months ago she was attacking Stuckey for having been a black hired by Hahn to woo the black community. Then, two months later after Stuckey was fired, ADL expressed anger that the black guy was run out of town on a rail to hire a white guy she didn’t like.

What is at the core of ADL’s random ranting and inane and baseless charges? Why did they start attacking Boks a few weeks after he got the job?

Two years ago the ADL got it right most of the time, because she just wanted change. Since January 3, they have been floating posts that have little to do with reality. They just make them up. See if any of their postings have any proof. The ADL says they do careful research, but there is no evidence of any research. They post emails, supposedly from volunteers or employees that are obviously just made up. Not one name, not one document, not once source is ever cited.

The Big Lie. Repeat an accusation loud enough and often enough and people will believe you.

In the past the administration never countered the charges, they just counter-attacked the ADL which left the charges unanswered, which increased their credibility.

Any posts left here too will be 100% confidential. I am new at this blogging stuff, but the software is supposed to filter out anything but your username, which you create when signing in to give a comment.

Take a look at the first Watch Blog.

ADL Watch

The ADL sends out several emails each week to subscribers on their list-server. This is over a thousand in the LA animal community that think the ADL is giving them the straight scoop on what is going on in the LAAS. People were outraged at the incidents the ADL reported, and in many cases, justifiably so.

Most of the time, absolutely no evidence was presented to support their allegations. None. No names. No citations, nothing. They claimed to have a large pool of LAAS "spies," who were purportedly employees or volunteers, who made all sorts of claims regarding misconduct of LAAS employees and former General Managers.

Yet, all that we ever heard were claims, allegations and speculations. Some were very accurate. For example, February 2 years ago they found out former GM Greenwalt was retiring early, in April of 2004. This was a shock to the community because no one expected Greenwalt to leave except on his shield, and no one scooped the news like the ADL.

In any event, they have been the only ones presenting news about what is happening inside the Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS), so they were like the Voice of America, someone who was speaking news but you don’t know who was paying for it. That is, the news was suspect.

Yet, no one in LAAS was responding. They did not stand up for themselves publicly, so the ADL allegations stood, and stood, and accumulated, until, after a while, people believed LAAS was a cesspool.

I’ll tell you, I don’t know the truth concerning all the allegations of LAAS employee malfeasance, rudeness, brutality, animal cruelty, and incompetence. But I can analyze the content and argumentation of the ADL messages to see if they have any truth or valid claim, and if they do, to have Ed Boks look into it or have LAAS develop some sort of protocol for investigating allegations about employees.

Anyway, part of my function will be to find the truth and proof. All comments will be absolutely confidential.