ADL Watch

The ADL sends out several emails each week to subscribers on their list-server. This is over a thousand in the LA animal community that think the ADL is giving them the straight scoop on what is going on in the LAAS. People were outraged at the incidents the ADL reported, and in many cases, justifiably so.

Most of the time, absolutely no evidence was presented to support their allegations. None. No names. No citations, nothing. They claimed to have a large pool of LAAS "spies," who were purportedly employees or volunteers, who made all sorts of claims regarding misconduct of LAAS employees and former General Managers.

Yet, all that we ever heard were claims, allegations and speculations. Some were very accurate. For example, February 2 years ago they found out former GM Greenwalt was retiring early, in April of 2004. This was a shock to the community because no one expected Greenwalt to leave except on his shield, and no one scooped the news like the ADL.

In any event, they have been the only ones presenting news about what is happening inside the Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS), so they were like the Voice of America, someone who was speaking news but you don’t know who was paying for it. That is, the news was suspect.

Yet, no one in LAAS was responding. They did not stand up for themselves publicly, so the ADL allegations stood, and stood, and accumulated, until, after a while, people believed LAAS was a cesspool.

I’ll tell you, I don’t know the truth concerning all the allegations of LAAS employee malfeasance, rudeness, brutality, animal cruelty, and incompetence. But I can analyze the content and argumentation of the ADL messages to see if they have any truth or valid claim, and if they do, to have Ed Boks look into it or have LAAS develop some sort of protocol for investigating allegations about employees.

Anyway, part of my function will be to find the truth and proof. All comments will be absolutely confidential.