Correction; It is not the District Attorney but the City Attorney who is handling the Mason case

I found out it is not the DA but the City Attorney who is handling the Mason case. I called them and Mason's name does not come up. The case has disappeared I guess.

Will Ron be charged by LAAS for room and board for X number of evidence animals if any are left alive? Will Boks release the impound and disposition information on the impounded cats? Will we ever find out how many cats were impounded, whether it was 12 kittens or 6 kittens on October 9, and 37 or 51 cats on October 11? Will we ever find out how many were killed? Will we find out what medical diagnostic tests were administered to any of the cats impounded on October 11, or will we discover it was all left up to the discetion of the West Valley vet, who, apparently may not have provided any viral tests whatsoever, which would be routine to a vet in private practice. Was any treatment other than Euthanol afforded the cats?

And will Dana Bartholomew write the followup story he promised?

Will we find out what happened to Muffin, Johny and Burt with the pin in his leg? Will Ed give out a press release about the case going away for whatever reason? Will the department offer or broker and real help for Mason?

Call the City Attorney's Office:

Bob Ferber, head of the Animal Protection Unity ate (310) 202-3800, email

Rocky Degadillo at (213) 978-8100, email (213) 978-8100, and
Dov Lesel at

It may be that the case is over. After Mason's get his money back, AND his cats so that they can be fostered. I personally will no longer cover the case except for the disposition of Mason's cats, and instead will move onto recounting a whole bunch of similar busts, the tactics used and their patterns.

One very interesting bit of info, Mason called the inspector that came to his house during the bust. This inspector said he was the wrong person the call as Mason was not in his area. Mason asked why, therefore, was he there. The guy (I forgot his name for a moment) simply stated he was asked to ride along on the bust. Mason asked who asked him, and the inspector refused to give that information. Was it Boks, the City Attorney, Dov Lesel, someone on the ACTF?

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