Villaraigosa and Boks Just Don't Care

Below is a well written discussion by a commenter about the core issues presented to the LA animal community about Boks and the LAAS/City mentality, ruled by its own internal lack of ethics, and abetted by an identical lack in the mayor.

The only reason they won't admit the (Mason) case is over is because they don't want to admit they screwed up and they lost their bet.They were betting they could manipulate the rescue community into supporting Boks against Ron. They did everything they could to demonize Ron. They underestimated his -- and our intelligence.

If you're a sociopath like Boks you see everybody burdened with conscience as a sucker ripe to be played. And who's going to be burdened with conscience more than people who feel pain and pity when they see an animal suffering?

I don't think Boks picked this racket by accident. I think he saw a vast field of suckers waiting to get plucked. And I think he saw fellow conscience-less opportunists like Villaraigosa as ready and willing accomplices. You think Antonio looks at Boks and sees anything wrong with a guy who tries to get rich and famous -- and laid -- at our vast expense? I somehow doubt it. I don't think either of them even understands why we care about cats, dogs, turtles and everyone else. They're just animals...

The question is, how much longer are any elements of the rescue community going to allow themselves to be played by Boks? What is it you think you're going to gain by letting him use you to prop up his paper-thin credibility? Is it worth the price of one more dead dog or cat? Was it worth the probable death of Muffin, Johnny and Burt? Ron cared for them and loved them, and Boks killed them -- for publicity. And Villaraigosa has made it clear that he does not care.


Anonymous said...

That writer is absolutely correct. They don't care about animals. I remember an early quote of Boks. It went something like this. "I was a kid and found a dog. I found it's owner and gave him his dog. They gave me a reward. I was like "I can make money at this?!" " He said that's when he decided to go into the animal control business. It was for the money, not the animals.

When I was a kid I found a dog and returned it. The woman gave me $5. I didn't think about the five dollars. I thought about the fact that she must be happy to have her dog back safe and sound. I was happy to have saved it from being hit by a car or eaten by a coyote.

Anonymous said...

I bet Boks thinks that's a great story.

How creepy.