Ron Mason's Cats Still Missing

Ron Mason never received a list of the number or description of the cats confiscated from his house contrary to law. Guess they figured they could skip procedures because no one would be paying any attention.

He has been denied access to any of the confiscated cats supposedly at East or West Valley.

We, the public, also have been denied assess to any information about these animals. We don'y know whether more have been killed, whether they are in some evidence animal area, or whether they have been fostered.

We do not know what happened to Muffin, Burt or Johny, and perhaps to another 50 or so cats. Most likely Burt was killed because the vet could not distinguish between a new or an old injury and decided he didn't want to treat the cat--just kill him. Ditto Johny, whose only crime was being old. Muffin and Johny are orange. They were two other orange adults. Are any orange cats still alive?

We do know that Boks said 25 had been destroyed as of October 21 but we do not know which ones and why. We want and need that data.

Mason's traps and cages still have not been returned to him despite repeated assertions they would be by Troy Boswell. Mason has visited the West Valley shelter at least 7 times as well as at least 3 times to the East Valley shelter to recover his cages and traps. Each time he was told they were there or they would be there. When he arrived as per appointment, they were not.

Mr. Boks, what is going on? Where are the evidence cats? Where is your transparency? Ron is loooking for his cats.

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Anonymous said...

Are they legally required to disclose the cats' whereabouts? If so, how can they justify not disclosing? And who can we call to ask why they're concealing the location/fate of these cats?

Who has oversight over LAAS? This isn't 1933 Berlin. If enough people (voters) ask, and keep asking, at some point they have to answer.