What is Happening With Ron Mason?

A lot and a little is happening with Ron Mason. At this point I am saying nothing except that the DA's Office has been silent for the moment, but other stuff is happening on both sides.

Let's just say there is one activist group that has suggested it might enter the frey when it becomes more clear what the City and DA are doing.

I am hoping the City and DA will drop the charges against Mason--soon.

In the meantime, so far as I know, Boks has not responded to the requests for public records regarding the impound and disposition of the 51 cats despite my sending an email to everyone under the sun regarding various aspects of this case. Sometimes Mr. Jensen is a bit slow getting back to me if and when Boks responds.

Dana Bartholomew was supporting the City's side of the case until Boks announced there never was any panleukemia. At that point Dana admitted to me that he was wrong about the animal neglect charges, but that it is now up to the court to determine that charge. In other words, he has grown strangely quiet on this matter. He reneged on his promise to do a follow up article on the Mason case, so if it goes forward, he will be #1 to be subpoenaed along with the LAAS vets that triaged and killed the allegedly deathly ill kittens.

Sometime Brad is a little late getting back to me when request responses come back in and I don't know whether Boks responded to the requests for public records regarding the impound and disposition of his cats. We have no idea where Muffin, Johny and Burt are. In other words, same ole, same ole.

I have declared a VERY, VERY temporary moratorium until I know what is happening with the City. I am waiting a very few days.


Anonymous said...

LOL!! You're so right Ed, I'm a little slow at times but not in this case. The department's response showed up in last night's mail. As expected... request denied because the records requested are part of an ongoing investigation. The letter suggested submitting a request after the case was closed.

I'll scan you a copy when I get home from work tonight. Sorry you had to wait so long =)

Brad Jensen
Cypress, CA

Anonymous said...

By the way -- Brad, you rock!