Mr. Boks, Where are Muffin, Burt and Johny?

Mr. Boks, where is Muffin--the cat your employees strangled? Is he alive or did the after effects of strangulation kill him?

You have denied Ron Mason access to his own cats to see if any are alive because they are "evidence" animals.
Your employees killed so many of these evidence animals so that there is no more evidence. Killing so many animals is evidence of the lack of good faith you and your employees have in fulfilling you obligation to save lives.

You have denied the public access to ANY information about Ron Mason's cats other that what you splashed all over the Internet on the animal Services' website, because, in your words, they are evidence animals. You have not given anyone, including Mason, any impound numbers so that ANYONE can know where they are.

Who are they being reserved to see? Don Cocek? A judge? West Coast Rendering? Do you think these animals will be kidnapped before Mason's hearing if anyone, including Mason sees them--or photographs them?

Most assuredly they are dead. Prove me wrong.

Under law you are not obligated to deny access to these animals, it is your decision. On former "hoarder" busts--I will not name names--you have supplied impound numbers so that their owners can track them. What about non-hoarder busts? These animals have been held for months and their owners given access.

Why the double standard other than that information will reveal how many cats that you "rescued" were actually killed, how little if any treatment was given, that a cat with a surgical pin was destroyed for no reason other than lack of room and caring on the part of employees, and probably before its Hayden mandated four days were up? How many Hayden Act violations will we find in the Mason case?

We are onto you Ed and are following your every word and official action as General Manager.


Anonymous said...

Jeff De La Rosa was able to visit evidence animal Stu. Why can't Mason visit his cats? Because they're dead. I don't see them in the system. I checked all impounds of all types from October 9-12. I see no cats matching the photos that are still alive.

Anonymous said...

Ed Boks is a horrible general manager. It is so digsusting that no one in the city government gives a **** If there is a hell, it is not in the after life it is the LAS ANIMAL SHELTER SYSTEM WITH ED BOKS AS MANAGER.

I don't understand why he gets away with this BS. I don't understand the continual influx of animals into the shelter system. The system is so broken and all they do is kill to stop the homeless animal problem. It is so not going to work. Education, outreach, and caring is the answer. ED, I guess you don't have the intelligence to do anything to fix the problem or else you are just too immoral or incompetent to hold any public office. It was a sad day when you came to LA.