Ron Mason Refused Access to his Impounded Cats. Boswell Says they are Evidence Animals

Ron Mason went to the West Valley shelter to see if any were alive. The front desk person was going to allow him access to the evidence animal section, but called Boswell to check. Boswell refused access saying they are evidence animals! Not only can he not take them home, he cannot even see if any are alive.

Since he is being refused access, it is clear that few are left alive and most assuredly Burt has been killed--the one with the surgical pin in his leg-I guess he was considered irremediably suffering too by the same vet that killed all the kittens despite the fact the only tests done were negative for panleukemia.

He also wanted copies of the cas' medical records confiscated. That too was denied him as evidence.

Also, he wanted his traps and cages back. he was taken to the back where he said there were hundreds of cages and traps. None were his. He was then told that they were at the East Valley shelter. They were not there either. Then he was told that were at the Annex. A bit frustrated, he was told they would be delivered to his house. Mason said thank you very much, but take the traps/cages to West Valley and I'll pick them up there. Wonder why he didn't want Animal Services anywhere near his house?

Can you imagine the disarray at Animal Services since they cannot even track confiscated cages and evidence animals? God help the animals incarcerated there.

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