Ed Boks has denied Brad Jensen's request for public records regarding impound data and disposition of Ron Mason's cats because it is part of an ongoing criminal investigation.

Well Mr. Boks, what about all the evidence you released about the cats to the public on the LAAS website, or to the Daily News reporter, such as how many were killed, how many had Panleulemia or Rhinotracheitis, how many were suffering, your statement that Muffin was not injured after being strangled at the end of a catch pole, how many were treated, how many fostered, how many evidence animals were killed without a written o.k. from a judge.

Boks thinks he can try and humiliate Mason publicly and not allow Mason to publicly respond to alleged evidence which may not exist.

Ed, you opened the door regarding making public much alleged evidence. Why won't you release that evidence under a public request?

It is obvious you are hiding something, perhaps that there is no evidence at all to support even one bit of your public accusations against Ron Mason.

Mr. Boks, did you break the when you released evidence in an ongoing criminal investigation? What happened to the medical records and other records confiscated by the police on October 11? Inquiring minds want to know.


Anonymous said...

That's insane. Boks can release whatever information he likes to the public but he won't release whatever information we like to the public. Mason has the right to get that information. How else can he defend himself? He has the right to see the evidence against him. He has the right to face his accuser. What happened to our American justice system? Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Boks is trying people in the media. That is unjust.

Anonymous said...

How can he refuse? Isn't he legally obligated to honor properly submitted requests for records?

Anonymous said...

To whoever posted the second comment,
Linda Barth responded to my request and I believe she is correct in stating that the Department is unable to release the records I requested per California Public Records Act §6254 (f) as these records are a part of an ongoing investigation.

GovCode Section 6250-6270

Brad Jensen
Cypress, CA

Anonymous said...

What about Boks' transparency?

"Unlike many
organizations, LA Animal Services is committed to transparency. Sometimes that works for us,
sometimes that works against us. The reason department critics have as much information as
they do about this case is because of our transparency. If we had allowed no reporters or
photographers to accompany the ACTF, the same individuals would have criticized us for that.