Don't you think the ACTF and anyone else involved have reasons to cover their asses on this one? They thought this was going to be the PR coup of all time for all of them, hence the reporter and the vet and the grandiose statements from Boks on the official city site.

But they already have a complaint on Detective Linda Ortega, who is a cop, not an ACO. The DA isn't going to want to prosecute someone who already has people wanting to protect Mason, particularly people from the very community they thought they were capturing: the rescue community.

They can't proceed when so many eyes are on them, when the very PR apparatus they brought can't support or witness that Ron ever got read his rights. Photographer's standing -- what -- four or five feet from Ron as he's being cuffed, and somehow he never heard Miranda rights being read to Ron? Not to mention that Mason’s vet records have never been returned to him, and even the list of confiscated items sent to him by the LAPD omits many items taken.

Boks has used an official city site to publicize the purported “evidence” against Mason, and we all are waiting to see what that evidence says as well as Mason’s rebutting evidence. I would especially like to see the evidence about the Animal Services veterinarian’s “tough but compassionate" decision to kill the cats, including the medical condition of the kittens, but especially the records regarding Burt if he were killed, and that the vet missed the fact that his limp was from a surgical operation not neglect of an injured cat. How competent would such a vet be, or did the vet decide that no one would be looking, so killing an old cat would just save space for a kitten?

The one good thing about Boks is that he's incompetent. It's just like with the Pit Bull Academy. He either doesn't know or doesn't care about procedure. He gets stopped because he screws up in ways that are impossible to overlook. The City Council (I think it was), I'm sure didn't WANT to put the kibosh on Pit Bull Academy, but they couldn't ignore his blowing off SEIC and doing everything else wrong. He though he could PR his way through and he couldn't. He can't PR his way through the Constitution either. But you can bet the police and the D.A aren't happy with Boks either at this point. Particularly if they too were told the kittens tested positive for panleukemia.

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