Ed Boks et al most likely created an audition tape for Animal Precinct by raiding the home of Ron Mason, destroying his life and killing at least 25 cats.

A commenter sent the below email to the Viewer Relation staff of Discovery Channel, which hosts Animal Precinct:

Re Animal Precinct

Ed Boks of LA Animal Services is telling people that they may do five episodes on Animal Precinct. In order to create his "audition tape," they raided a man with many cats. They said his cats had panleukemia when they did not. They said the health department said he violated health codes when they did not. They videotaped the bust just to get on your show. They've since not even charged him though they made him pay $20,000 bail and they killed all of his cats. Only a few had colds. Please, do not allow LA City to be on your show. They destroyed a man and killed all his cats just to make a video for you.
Go to the Viewer Relations contact page below and post your own thoughts. Send them the link to this blog. Write your own opinion, but do it!
Here is another letter you might edit and send in:

Ed Boks of LA Animal Services wants to do a series on Animal Precinct. Part of it, or so it appears, was to produce a video for you via LA City TV.

Ron Mason's home was raided by Boks' Animal Services and 30 people from other City/County agencies. They published all sorts of libelous facts about him, such as he had a mental illness, and that he lived in filth and that Health charges were forthcoming. Well, County Health did not charge him.The inspector who came later, said he had seen places 1,000 times worse.

When Mason appeared in court for his arraignment, the City Attorney failed to show so he was not even brought up on charges. Calling the City Attorney's Office, one finds that Mason's name does not even appear on their database.

Boks is now trying to make this case go away, as they have been caught in so many procedural mistakes.

They told the press and on the Animal Services website that Mason's cats had panleukenia. It turns out Boks admitted that lab testing was negative. They killed at least half of the impounded cats saying they were irremediably suffering, when in fact, one they killed had a limp due to an orthopedic operation 3 years ago. Another, Johny was likley killed because he was old. Animal Services and the City Attorney's Office will release no information even under a request for public records on anything regarding the cats, saying they are evidence animals, yet they killed 25 or more evidence animals, hence, no evidence.


Anonymous said...

The Mayor and Boks only care about their public image. That is the main goal of the Mayor. Who cares if more animals die and more people are killed. As long as the public thinks the Mayor is doing a great job. That's why the Mayor likes to make up false positive news. The Mayor has no problem lying to the public. That's why he likes Boks. They're both liars who only care about flashing the chiclet white smile to the media.

Now Mayor Bloomberg of New York got wise to Boks and fired him. Bloomberg cares about performance, not just his image. Bloomberg has a career in politics. Villaraigosa's career is over.

Anonymous said...

Here's my comment to Animal Planet:

Ed Boks of Los Angeles Animal
Services has said he is in talks with Animal Precinct's producers to feature his department. We are all suspicious that a recent "bust" of a man that had been begging for the department to help him with pregnant cats and kittens he suspected were being dumped at his house was for the sake of getting Ed Boks some airtime on your channel. They never really helped him much more than giving him bottle baby feeder kits & told him to bring the kittens in when they were eight weeks old. They chose to videotape "busting" him, & took $20,000 as bail money. They killed all the kittens, improperly diagnosing them with panleukopenia, & we suspect the rest of the cats have been killed too. They caught some of the cats with catch-poles that are NEVER to be used on cats as they can easily break a cat's neck or strangle them. Ed Boks has already tried this man in the court of public opinion sending out emails & posting about him on their website. The man, Ron Mason, went to court & sat all day before he was told his paperwork has been lost. This is not a man with lots of money. He was completely transparent about his problem to the city & they chose this easy target to try to make themselves look good, apparently, as an "audition" for your show & to make Ed Boks a TV star.

I beg you to not reward this man with airtime who has proven time and time again to the people of Los Angeles that he does NOT care about animals, & he is only interested in furthering his grotesque self-promotion.

Anonymous said...

I also sent a letter to Animal Planet. Other places to send comments are Look for the Morgan Spurlock show "30 Days" and hit "Contact Us." Another possibility is

It's a company affiliated with Morgan Spurlock. His wife is pretty famous for being a vegetarian (I've heard vegan), as well as a participant in his films. I can't imagine she wants to prop up someone with as bad a history -- and present -- as Ed Boks.

But Villaraigosa's career is only over if this gets publicized. I know some genuine animal lovers who still don't make the connection, who don't know Boks' record, and who don't hold Villaraigosa responsible for the corrupt death-camp state of LAAS. All they see is pretty new buildings. If you've seen the numbers, if you think they're legitimate -- tell someone! Send them this URL. Call the Mayor's office -- (213) 978-0721