It is very interesting watching the Republicans and the various right wing nut groups react to a black president and a uniting Democratic party finally getting their act together.  So far, the majority of Democratic Congressmen have received death threats or other similar phone calls. Ten Democratic Congressmen have had their offices vandalized. 

The leader of the Senate Minority, Kantor, is blaming the Democrats for trying to make political hay out of being attacked. The Republicans have been using the Teabaggers as pawns, unleashing hate and attack ads, and now that the violence is happening, they don't know what to do.

These teabagging neanderthals are absolute cowards, hitting their targets in the middle of the night, or wearing guns and carrying automatic rifles to rallies in an attempt to intimidate liberals and Democratic lawmakers.

I'd like them to know that the North, the "civilized" states along both oceans have dealt with their ilk before, whether it be the successionist South, the KKK or the neo Nazi groups. Their carrying weapons openly and terrorizing people at night is only going to elicit a similar reaction from liberal groups or the feds. Maybe then the feds will have real work to do rather than consider ALF and ELF America's most dangerous terrorist threats.

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