Boks has Cancer

I can't wish this on anyone, but Ed Boks has cancer and is treating in Los Angeles. He told his employees this a short time ago. He also recently got married.

Good luck Ed


Anonymous said...

This may be another Boks' hoax. Boks' probationary period is over end of December. He's been getting some rather bad reviews. Many on his board quit, so did key employees. The shelter has been overcrowded. And of course he's twisted the numbers like crazy. Prescott may be about to fire him which is why Boks is concocting this "I'm sick" story. Then he can stay he resigned for health reasons when he was really fired. When he was fired from NY he said he quit. In fact he knew he would be fired which is why he was job hunting three months before he was fired. When he was fired from LA he said he resigned. This was also after a health scare, supposedly a heart issue. He left Maricopa under the same circumstances. He just keeps getting fired and keeps making up excuses.

Anonymous said...

While the previous poster's thoughts that someone would pretend to have cancer in order to garner sympathy are sick, that is precisly what Boks is. I wouldn't put it past him either that he is making the whole thing up.

HOw sad that people view him this way.

Anonymous said...

Both posts are right on, NO ONE knows this guy until they have had a personal experience. The board seems to be "drinking the kool-aid" but the masses are gathering, he must go!!!