An experiment in kindness

An experiment in kindness

I wish we could try an experiment. Create a small country where people took care of each other instead of finding reasons not to pay for Medicare, education or the poor. A country where they did not eat meat and kill 10 billion farm animals a year for food,  as in the United States, or kill hundreds of thousands of people in two wars based on presidential lies of weapons of mass destruction, or hunt whales nearly to extinction, kill dolphins for fun, harvest fish until the seas nearly become lifeless, like Japan, or eat cats and dogs and skin them alive for their pelts, as in China, or beat them to death as in Korea so they would be more "tasty."

Perhaps that country would have no earthquakes and tsunamis, tornadoes or hurricanes, or killer snow storms. Perhaps we wouldn't have mass murderers shooting 25 people attending a congressman's meeting. This would be an experiment testing the truth of karma and also of God's grace.

Where did Japan's latest disaster came from? The sea. In the second world war it came from the sky after Japanese soldiers killed 6 million Chinese, and hundreds of thousands of Filipinos, Americans, British and other nationals. China is always having natural disasters and man made disasters, including invasions by the Japanese. Now China represses and kills Tibetans. No learning there.

What would happen to a nation that did not kill any sentient being and where every citizen felt diminished when any living thing had to suffer and die, and the only wars fought would be in self defense?

I would say that even if God decided that that nation had to suffer disasters too, that its citizens would still be very, very happy.

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