Further Allegations of Animal Cruelty With Video

Ady Gil put it up in his site. He posted this on his wall. 

Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary performed surgery on this bat. The bat had no pain relief. Lollar is not a veterinarian. She accidentally cut the bat's vagina too deeply. Then she yanked the baby out. She accidentally yanked the umbilicus out. Then the bat's vagina and uterus prolapsed. The bat later died. Baby was born dead but was pink which means he'd just died
The Video, "AmandaLollarBatWorldSanctuary.mp4"
can be downloaded from:
Please, politely email the regulatory agencies who are investigating this animal cruelty. Tell them you want her prosecuted to the full extent of the law. There is another video of her yanking the molars out of a bat with no pain relief. The bat is seen kicking and fighting her then bleeding. This woman should not be operating on bats. Thanks.


Activist by Nature said...

Please see the actual, factual story of what occurred here:



Anonymous said...

I do not understand how any thinking person could not realize that Cummins manipulated the video. Any bat specialist who viewed the original content knows the bat did not die, the pup was stillborn, the procedure was well done (as stated by veterinarians) and stillborn babies, including humans, who have been dead for quite some time can still be pink. Additionally, Isoflurane is NOT a controlled substance. Do your homework. Look it up.