600 cats rescued from the fur and food market in China

Breaking news-600 caged cats rescued from 2 trucks in Wuxi near Shanghai

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More details for cats rescued on Aug the 3rd-4th:
At 10pm on Aug 3rd, the Wuxi Animal Protection Association was told that a truck loaded with many cages of cats was preparing to head south to Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong province. In an effort to stop this departure many volunteers went to the gate of the storage place at midnight to wait for the truck to leave, planning to stop them at the toll fee station on the nearest highway. They waited until 5am in the morning when finally the truck filled with so much life started to leave. The truck also carried furniture on the bottom, and thirteen cages filled with cats were placed on top. Should the volunteers have not stopped the truck, these cats would have had to travel for 30 hours in the blazing heat with no food or water, only to arrive to a cruel death when they arrive in Guangzhou, the supposed most sophisticated city in China. It is absurd that such a large city with such a developed economy should have a ruined reputation because of a few select criminals who violently kill these poor cats for food every day. 
At the toll station, the truck was stopped successfully by volunteers.  Since this truck contained other illegal possessions on board as well as the cats that were against the on the regulations for transportation shipping rules, many people were angrily trying to stop the truck drivers. 
While waiting for the police to arrive on the scene the truck drivers told many lies to them, including that their truck “contained no animals whatsoever,” and that their “truck has nothing to do with any animals.” They said that their truck was only used for shipping furniture. Conveniently, right at that very moment, one little cat stuck her small head out of one of the cages at the top of the truck, looking around curiously. This little cat completely broke his lie right away, embarrassing the lying truck driver in front of crowd!
After hours of the waiting and negotiation with police officers, finally at 7am more than 200 cats were released to the WAPA and taken back to their shelter. Their little paws were sticking out of the cages, looking helpless and defenseless. It is ridiculous that such cruelty was subjected to these poor beautiful creatures. It is absolutely necessary that an animal protection law is made as soon as possible so that these animals can be saved from the evil clutches of these disgusting individuals. Please help us make this possible by sending letters to your local Embassy of China in your country, urging them to call for an animal protection law to be passed. 
We thank you all for your great support, and we all have much thanks and appreciation for the loving volunteers who saved many lives today. 
We cannot give up on love and hope. 
Wuxi Animal Protection Association
Aug 5th 2011
Briefly translated by Joy Gao

On Aug the 3rd and July the 24th, the WAPA (Wuxi Animal Protection Assn) near Shanghai had nearly 600 caged cats rescued. Shown below are photos of the cats during and after the rescue on July 24th. Brave volunteers worked throughout the night to move the captured cats into the WAPA’s cat base, saving them from the cat-nappers who were planning to ship the cats out to various restaurants. The rescuers successfully stopped them on the way Guangdong after hours of negotiation with police officers in the heat with no water. Many of the cats were starved and injured, hiding in the corners in fear. Since the cat base at the WAPA was still under construction, the rescuers fixed up the location over night and worked tirelessly to have the place in best condition for the cats.
At the moment, if anyone wishes to make the contributions towards those rescued cats, the easiest way might be to have the donations made to Rosa’s antifur society’s Paypal account, and then she would have the lump sum being sent to WAPA via West Union as she always does over the years for helping the animals in China. http://www.people4chineseanimals.org/Donations-at-work.html


Urge China to introduce an Animal Protection Law

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  1. This news makes my day! Just been busy to stop fur coming into Europe and America to make people aware of the horrific animal abuse there is behind this fur.
    For EU report about enforcement on cat and dog fur ban in The Netherlands, please download from http://english.actietegendierenleed.nl

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