I support tigers in Malibu--by Mary Cummins

I support tigers that want to move to Malibu - Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates

Animal Rights attorney Orly Degani and white tiger

White tiger enjoying the pool
I'm probably going to get some heat for this post but this must be said. The white tigers that want to move to Malibu are clients of one of my vets. They are not declawed or defanged. I have photos of the tigers in my page as I've visited them. Residents of Malibu and sheep owners have more to fear from wild mountain lions, coyotes than tigers in enclosures. If the tigers escaped, they would not eat a person or animal. Anyone remember what happened with the Moorpark tiger that escaped? It only knew how to eat cubed steak. It didn't kill any animals and lost a lot of weight when it had escaped for two weeks. 

They bought the tigers to rescue from a breeder. One was going to be euthanized and was very sick. I was there when it was very sick. The owners have a lot of money and just love tigers. Their move to Malibu is akin to the PAWS ARK 2000 elephant sanctuary in California. They are not circus or movie people by any means.

They only have an exhibit permit because that is the only way you can keep them legally. I have the same permit. If I don't have the exhibit permit, I must kill my sanctuary animals. I've taken animals from some of you that end up in sanctuary at my facility. Should I kill them instead? Should we kill all animals in all sanctuaries? I only take my skunk and opossum to events because they're easy to handle and enjoy getting praise and treats. All animal rescue sanctuaries must have this same permit. You must exhibit them a certain amount of time or you can't have the permit.

The animals are already here in Southern California. They just want to make a bigger, better enclosure and rescue a few more tigers. They have never escaped. They obviously can't be released back to the wild. They are not wild tigers but domestically bred tigers. They're white tigers.

Below are photos of animal rights attorney Orly Degani with the tiger. Also a photo of Dr. Jennifer Conrad with the tiger. The sisters exhibit the tigers for free for pro-animal education or animal causes such as the push to make declaw of big cats illegal. They support the Paw Project. I have photos in my page when they took the tiger to the Eco Station to support anti-declaw and educate people.

I personally know they get the best care, tons of enrichment and are in a huge enclosure many times larger than the legal requirements. I've met Irena Hauser and her sister Sophia Kryszek. They are true animals lovers and wonderful people.  They just want to move their facility to a bigger, better place. They chose that area because it is zoned for wild and exotic animals. The people who live there bought their homes knowing that it was zoned for exotic and wild animals. Quite a few have wild and exotic animals in that area. I support these two women and their plans. People should have probably talked to the sisters before jumping to all these false conclusions. 

Dr. Jennifer Conrad and white tiger client showing tiger's claws


Anonymous said...

If you read Raffi Kryszek's blog (white tiger owner Sophia Kryszek's son) you will read in his words that he was optioned the book "Tigers Curse" to make into a movie and will use these white tigers in movies. You will also see from their Isispreservation.com website that they have and will continue to use the tigers commercially. Ms, Cummins, you are an animal rights advocate and on the wrong side this time - they duped you.

Anonymous said...

To Mary Cummins,
All white tigers are inbred and captive bred. None are endangered. These women are proposing a training facility in a residential neighborhood. They will be exhibiting the tigers. You are a smart woman, so you know the law of supply and demand. The demand for white tigers increases with exposure = more breeding for white tigers. More breeding equals some orange, inbred tigers resulting. No where for orange inbred tigers = death. You are an ANIMAL advocate? Or are you a animal exhibitor advocate?

james brownn said...

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