2008 Statistics are Out; Over 20,000 Cats and Dogs Die

The 2008 statistics are out.

The relative percentages in all outcome categories remained essentially unchanged although the raw numbers increased dramatically in all areas, especially impounds.

Live Saves rates are unchanged, but impounds, killing and adoptions all WAY up.

Live saves for both years was about 56%.

The New Hope raw numbers rescues remained about the same, but they have not helped adopt out the huge increase in impounds.

Impounds for 2008 for dogs and cats was 54,191, the highest number since 2002. In 2007, the number of cats and dogs impounded was 54,191 compared to 2007 with 44,964, or an increase of over 9,200. This was an increase of almost 21%.

4,605 more dogs and cats were killed than in 2007, and 4,734 more animals were adopted.

So, is this huge increase in all the numbers due to an expansion of the shelter system as Mr. Severino claims, or due to the economy, or both?

Given the huge increase, I think LAAS did better than average not to have lost ground, but certainly not what they could have done with better leadership.


Anonymous said...

NYCACC was hit by the same economy. Their intake went up a little yet euthanasia was still down from the previous year. Mind you, they haven't posted stats since September so maybe things have changed.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, intake at Kern county animal shelter did not go up as much as LA City. Same with euthanasia.