Caretaker Counterculture

I met "Max" some time ago. He is part of the feral cat care taking counterculture that I find so fascinating. When he traps a cat for S/N, he transports it on his bicycle.

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There are so many of these folk serving the kitties--sometimes poorly because they have so little for themselves, but no one else is taking the time or energy. There is a need and the fill it the best they can.

Max lives in a tent on an overpass over a flood control channel in the South Bay. He has lived there for two years. The photos show how he lives and all the cat houses surrounding him. Strangely enough, I have only seen 2 cats there even after visiting him three times. One was in a carrier. A man he knew was moving back to his own country and he was dumping the cat. Max said he'd take the cat and find a home. This was a week ago.
No one has bothered Max so far. The police wave at him, and the taggers ignore him.

I find Max's lifestyle refreshing. When I was a Buddhist monk I lived like this in the desert and again near a Zen center in Monterrey, CA. Mornings are unbelievable, almost always dew covered, cool or cold, and very close to nature. One's mind becomes very relaxed with this lifestyle.

Max is a non-professional handyman in the sense he builds and can repair most anything mechanical. He has built cat feeding stations at each of his colony sites.

I prefer the sneak in and sneak out approach to colony caretaking.

I have tried my best to conceal the location and yet show the surroundings. If you recognize the place, let me know and I'll remove the offending photo or the entire post.

Then there is Marie, Linda, Wilma, the Santa Monica ACO's who feed the "ferals" in Palisades Park. There are hundreds and hundreds of these people all over the city, and each has a story.

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