Two Weeks in Phoenix

     There hasn't been much action on this blog because I was away for two weeks in Phoenix. My mom had been hospitalized for 8 days due to a diverticulitis infection, and her caretaker of many years was retiring. So we were looking for a new caretaker or for a home.

     The weather in Phoenix is just about like Chatsworth from about October to April. After that, it get consistently hotter in Phoenix. Chatsworth may get to 106 or even 110, but Phoenix can get to 120, and is consistently over 105 daily during the summer.

      The shocking thing about Phoenix is the cheaper prices. Everything is cheaper. Premium gas goes from $2.69 to $2.81 throughout Maricopa County. All you can eat buffets (My favorite is Furr's) cost $6.99 all day with pies, meats for meateaters, and all the hot veggies and cold salads imaginable.

     Then there are soup and salad buffets, all day for $5.99.

     Movie matinees cost $6.50!

     Rent for a small 3 bedroom house in a senior community can be $650, and rents for a 4 bedroom, 2,500 foot house run around $1,100-$1,250. Apartments that allow animals are around $500.
     Prices in the supermarket also are lower, sometimes a lot lower.
      Going North to Sedona, we got a motel room at Sky Ranch Lodge, about 500 feet above Sedona with great views and a three to four star listing for $80 a night with a king bed; no complimentary breakfast though.  I have about 500 pictures of Sedona which I will post later.  Prices in Sedona, Cottonwood and the area, despite being a tourist trap, are as cheap or cheaper than Phoenix. Also, there is more rain, an average of 17 inches a year compared to Phoenix's 5, and LA's 14.
      Within 8 miles of where my mom lives in Sun City, there are 35 retirement homes, many with three levels of care: independent living; assisted living; and nursing. AND, all are relatively new compared to LA, and much cheaper, and larger. This West Valley area of Phoenix is the largest retirement area outside of one large retirement area in Florida. The economy is directed to support retirees.

      Near where my mom lives is Sun City 4 Paws, the most wonderful cattery I have ever seen. It holds about 120 hard to place or not placeable cats due to behavior or medical problems. They even have a feral room with 35 ferals. It is a wonderful place and I will post photos.
      I am thinking of moving. One place advertised in Sedona was 2,650 sq. feet on .46 acres of land. I saw the photos but didn't have time to see it. $198,500! The usual price range for such a property is around $250-$300,000 so I don't know what was wrong with it.

     The photos and videos I got of Sedona were of extraordinary beauty.

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Anonymous said...

I've been to Sedona. It's gorgeous. I could live there. It is so much cheaper.