Writer Doubts Credibility of GM Seach

An anonymous writer outlines how Ed Boks became GM and expresses skepticism that anything will be different this time.

We do know that Guerdon Stuckey was appointed because he was black and Hahn was wooing the black vote for reelection. This writer alleges the mayor accepted a promised $10,000,000 bribe to appoint Boks.

Remember, Boks resigned seven months ago in April and an unnamed headhunter firm still hasn't completed a job description or list of requirements for the position. The apparent secrecy does raise eyebrows.   


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Anonymous said...

This tells you a lot about the integrity of the Mayor, doesn't it.

Whoever becomes the next GM MUST hold the employees accountable. It is like a country club there, with the admin office taking 2 hour lunches, employees playing solitaire on their computers, and section heads 'disappearing' on Friday pm. Talk about a waste of tax payer money. THe employees in
admin could care less about the animals.