City Pulls Pet Press From Shelters Due to Loncore's Lawsuit

From Lori Golden:

I just found out on Saturday that the City was directed to pull all copies of The Pet Press from the shelters, because of the info I include about feral cats and TNR.

I do not blame Kathy Davis or the shelters themselves. In fact, they are quite upset about this.

Attached is the TNR judgment from Judge Thomas J. McKnew, Jr - Kathy directed
me to page 4 which deals directly with this issue.

All these years the shelters are not supposed to promote private businesses either - yet my paper is filled with ads for them and the shelters give them out.

Please spread the word thru your blog that if people would like to get stacks of the latest issue of The Pet Press, to feel free to go to their nearest shelter and ask for a stack of them.

I don't think the shelters have thrown the papers out.

Thanks, Ed.


FROM PAGE 4 of the judgement:

3. Defendants City of Los Angeles et al. are specifically PROHIBITED from undertaking the following actions:

Promoting TNR for feral cats and encouraging or assisting third parties to carry out a TNR program by doing any of the following:

Assist or provide incentives for, or otherwise facilitate the capture, sterilization and release of feral cat;

Provide discounts or discount vouchers for spay or neuter surgeries for feral cats;
Release feral cats from shelters to TNR groups or individuals;

Provide information about or cyberlinks to feral cat groups, programs, seminars or workshops on 
Los Angeles City website(s);

Develop or distribute literature on the TNR program or by conducting public outreach on TNR 
using press releases, fliers or other media except in conjunction with the proposed CEQA process;

Waiving cat trap rental fees or security deposits for TNR groups or individuals pursuant to Los Angeles Municipal

Interfering with or discouraging any City officials or land managers' attempt to enforce any laws or regulations that 
relate to feral cats and feral cat colonies.

Refusing to issue traps for capturing nuisance feral cats,

Referring complaints about feral cats to TNR groups or individuals.

Refusing to accept trapped feral cats.

Notice the City is not allowing any feral cats to be pulled from the shelters by TNR groups or individuals.

TNR people have been telling me they no longer have vouchers. They can get vouchers from friends, but the vouchers have to describe the cats as to sex, age and color, name them and attach an owners name and they have a time limit of 45 days.

So, a manager must trap a cat and hold onto it until a friend can get a voucher for said described cat, then make an appointment for S/N surgery, then hold onto and release the cat a few days later. This is far more difficult than the mass trapping and S/N operations of most TNR groups, which means they can't be nearly as effective.

How many cats has Travis Longcore killed so far?


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