Next Tuesday Council Opens Discussion on Privatizing Shelters

Item 31. It looks like this will be a request for staff to look into the requisites to privatize one or more shelters. This could be the best thing to happen to LAAS in many years according to Nathan Winograd. It certainly would take the employees out of civil service and City Personnel protection, but would not remove the unions. But this would be a big step.

Imagine if Bonnie Brown or a local rescue organization with sheltering experience took over, let us say, East LA, and turned it around. Then the City would privatize the others.

Of course, it could turn out to be a disaster.

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Anonymous said...

It would not be a disaster. Privatizing the shelters is something that Council should have looked into many years ago. Let's hope they have the guts to follow thru on this. They can't even figure out how to balance their budget. Calling for layoffs one day, and changing their mind the next.