Consistent LAAS Policy: Feeding ferals is illegal

A friend gave me the name and numbers of a Van Nuys woman who tends colonies and is associated with several private TNR groups. Her name is Rosa.

Five months ago she was visited by officer Hartell from West Valley who told her it was illegal to feed feral cats. Rosa told her that was nonsense, there was no such law. She then said she talked subsequently to several officers at West Valley, all of whom told her that it was illegal to feed feral cats.

She gave me the name of a woman named Catherine, who was cited for feeding more than 3 feral cats at an abandoned brewery in the downtown area. She is to appear in court on October 8.  Rosa will call me this weekend for more details about this woman including contact numbers. This woman has a lawyer, but I believe it was LAAS that issued the ticket. I'll find out.

Where the hell did the entire department appear to get a similar incorrect interpretation of the judges order on the Longcore lawsuit, that it applies to private people and TNR-oriented nonprofits too? Was that from the Mayor's Office?

Was this Kathy Davis or Linda Barth as this policy seems to go back at least five months and would explain why Barth refused to give me any information on the number of calls on kennel violations, arrests, etc.--because it was her idea maybe?

However, this policy seems to go back a long time. I think it was September of 2009 when ACTF officer Muniz said it was people with too many cats, or people who feed feral cats that was his agency's biggest problem.


Jeff de la Rosa said...

Just to be clear. Kathy Davis made no policy changes as interim general manager. Anything done was done by Barth and only signed by Davis. If anyone thinks Kathy Davis was running the Department during her time as interim general manager, they are fooling themselves and being fooled by design. Want an example? See

which is from

Want more? Look at all of the legislation proposed/passed, etc. during the "interim" period in the City Clerk's council file system. Just search "animal services" then look at the documents generated by Animal Services. Who authored them?

Davis was put in the GM chair to be a fall "guy" because they knew that if Barth stood in as GM that hell fire would have been unleashed and the employees would have revolted. Don't forget that the "Boks trials" --back in the Personnel Committee hearings-- were complaints about Boks AND Barth.

Anonymous said...

Try to get a copy of Catherine's citation with the code violation and post it online (edit out her personal info before posting).

Brad Jensen

Ed Muzika said...

I am trying to get that info.