Phyllis Daugherty and Her Pseudonym Followers Attack Brenda Barnette

Phyllis really is an animal-frightened sicko in my opinion.


Jeff de la Rosa said...

It's really pretty pathetic watching her at meetings, now. I went this morning to ...again...beg them to follow through with the ordinance for Stu. Phyllis sits there and seethes the entire time. She no longer has any influence or cachet except with Barth...who also no longer has any influence or cachet.

Phyllis' bombshell today? "Nuch" is on her side on the "increasing pet limits" least she'd like us to think so.

Anonymous said...

Phyllis has been around and has much experience dealing with LAAS. She knows the in and outs, what works in the Department and what doesn't.

Phyllis should be listened to carefully and not written off. She knows what she is talking about.

thatswhenireachformyrevolver said...

There are a lot of sickos and control freaks involved in animal welfare and animal rights. It is very discouraging, especially because the animals pay with their lives while humans bicker and pound their chests.