Another Bruyette Response from VCA West LA


Mr Muzika,

If you felt the charge were inappropriate why did you agree to them? If you felt our company is as evil as you state why did you continue to use our services? Why if you had heard from former VCA interns that WLA and VCA was such a bad place did you entrust your pets care to us?

Why, because you know that this hospital and the doctors here do everything we can to provide excellent patient care. As a consumer you have a choice and you made the correct choice in using our hospital.

Muzika Response:

Not true. I agreed because you were his internist and Chretin his oncologist. Dr. Reimer, after he did the dental in November, stated that Dustin's mouth did not look bad enough to have caused his not eating. He said that there is likely something else causing his loss of appetite. However, Reimer is not a specialist, and you recommended a dental approach. We  thought he'd be treated by the dental specialist in Culver City, but the wait would have been over a month. You suggested that I not wait and get it done immediately.

I booked the surgery with Reimer, who insists on X-ray guidance on dental procedures, unlike when I had a dental cleaning and extraction at your facility a year before. You agreed this would be the best approach rather than to wait.

I was stunned by your billing person saying it would be $1,000 for the first day, but I assumed you were also doing an ultrasound to check on his cancer, not merely administering fluids. Also, I have insurance on Dustin and it will likely pay 75%. I also assumed the terms used by the billing person included kidney dialysis, which I assumed was expensive, as opposed to simple fluids administration. By Sunday, the third day I talked to a vet, it was clear dialysis was not involved. You never explained in detail what the treatment would be nor asked for permission for various test protocols. The billing person just told me what the daily cost MIGHT be, i.e., $1,000 for the first day. I was stunned again, when she told me Sunday the current charges were $1,600 as of Sunday, then on Monday the actual bill was over $2,800. I agreed because I loved Dustin, but did not know he received exactly the same treatment as at Adler's for 1/4th the cost. Had I known then, I would have shifted Dustin to Adler's on Saturday or Sunday. But you did not keep me informed of his progress or treatment on Saturday, nor did anyone else at VCA.


You should check out VCA Charities and HoPe Veterinary Center and see the good this company and our employees do for pet owners and pets. Shame on you for insinuating otherwise but I suppose your path to spiritual enlightenment has not been a path where you actually bothered to find the truth. 

Muzika Response: 

What do you mean shame on me? You are a hi-tech crook hiding behind lies of competence and compassion. Take a look at what 150 customers said about you. I also know what interns said about VCA West LA and their personnel and pricing practices.

You have no idea what enlightenment or awakening means. You appear to have no idea even what not-profit making compassion means. 

I wish you well sir and I hope you find peace in this world.

Muzika Response: 

David, I have peace beyond what you can know, but I also feel injustice and corruption when I see it and vow to fight it.  

Why don't you, if you are open and transparent, send me a list of charges that Antech charges you for diagnostic testing?  Can you show me what you pay for Lactated Ringers? Costco charged about $29 for a case of 12 a year and a half ago. Can you tell me personnel charges for administering an amoxi tab in addition to your $96/day hospitalization charge? How much does blood gas testing cost you versus what you charge? If you are really interested in helping animals and people that own them, will you help me establish a non-profit clinic by showing me what it takes to set one up and the costs?

BRUYETTE a day later:

My best to you sir. 


I take this as a no to all my requests for transparency regarding your costs, and my request for help.  This is in complete contradiction to your original response stating you wanted to elucidate me on the expenses of running your facility. Apparently you though just mentioning you have 160 employees ans lots of expensive equipment was a substantial attempt to elucidate me on why you charged 300% more for identical treatment at another VCA facility.

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