Allegations of Animal Abuse

Amanda Lollar commits animal cruelty at Bat World Sanctuary
by Say NO to animal cruelty
Sunday May 1st, 2011 9:47 AM
Videos and photos (see links below) have surfaced of Amanda Lollar performing illegal surgery on conscious bats. The bats can be seen kicking and trying to bite her. In one video she performs an episiotomy on a bat. Lollar accidentally pulls out the bat's vagina and uterus because she cut too much. The bat passes out in shock. She later dies along with her baby. Let authorities know you want Lollar prosecuted for animal cruelty and abuse.

Video of Lollar performing illegal episiotomy surgery on a bat. GRAPHIC!!! Mom and baby die.

Amanda Lollar is a "wildlife rehabilitator" who treats bats in Mineral Wells, Texas. She is not a veterinarian yet she illegally performs surgery. She illegally possesses and uses controlled substances such as Isoflurane. Her illegal acts were reported to the Texas Veterinary Board. They stated, "she committed animal cruelty and should be reported to the police."

Amanda Lollar purchases, possesses, and administers rabies vaccinations to bats. Only veterinarians may possess and administer rabies vaccinations to animals because they can cause an animal to die if not administered properly. Lollar does not report rabid bats to the Texas Health Department. Instead, she euthanizes them illegally with controlled substances, then dumps their bodies into the regular trash. Her illegal acts were reported to the Texas Health Department. They stated that "her acts are criminal and should be reported to the police."

Texas Parks & Recreation was contacted about Amanda Lollar's illegal activity as they control her wildlife rehabilitation permit. They stated, "wildlife rehabilitators cannot perform surgery, and they cannot have controlled substances." The USDA was also contacted because Lollar has a USDA exhibitor permit to exhibit her bats. Lollar violated the Animal Welfare Act by "not providing proper veterinary care." Texas Parks & Recreation and the USDA are currently investigating Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary.

In another video, Amanda Lollar can be seen using forceps to pull out the teeth of a conscious bat. The bat is clearly kicking and trying to bite Lollar. After Lollar yanks two of his teeth out the bat can be seen bleeding. Lollar uses this video as an example of "proper" dental surgery in her website .

Video of Amanda Lollar pulling out the teeth of a conscious bat. GRAPHIC!!!

A visitor to the sanctuary last year found a one-winged dead bat under Amanda Lollar's desk. It had been dead for at least two days as insects were eating it. It appeared to have died from lack of food and water. When Lollar was shown the dead bat she said the bat "was one of my favorite bats." She obviously cannot care for the bats she has if her favorite bat could go missing for days and not be noticed.

The visitor also noted that Lollar has seven dogs even though she has no kennel permit. They are all debarked. Some of the dogs have medical and dental issues, as well as very long nails. They are never walked. One of the dogs cannot use its rear legs, so she's forced to drag herself around. Lollar's outdoor cats also need veterinary care as they appear to have fleas, worms, and dental issues.

A licensed veterinarian saw the videos and stated, "This is a nightmare! No one but a veterinarian should perform surgery. Report her to the state veterinary board. She should go to jail." A viewer of the episiotomy video stated, "That is horrific! They should arrest her immediately. She pulled out her vagina! She should never be allowed around animals ever again because she has a complete disregard for their feelings of pain."

It should be noted that Lollar used photos from this bat's botched episiotomy in her website and book to show "proper episiotomy procedures." What she claims happened in her book is not what happened in real life as evidenced by the video.

These violations were reported to the police as instructed by the Texas Health Department and Texas Veterinary Board. Make sure the Mineral Wells Police Department thoroughly investigates these acts of animal cruelty and abuse. Please, politely ask the Chief of Police Mike McAllester to take necessary action, policechief [at] Also ask the USDA Robert.M.Gibbens [at] and Texas Parks & Wildlife wpoffice [at] to revoke Lollar's USDA and wildlife rehabilitation permits.

Photos of abuse, illegal surgery and controlled substances are here

Video of Amanda Lollar giving illegal rabies vaccination to a baby bat

Video of a skinny, shaking, dying pallid bat at Bat World Sanctuary

Video of Amanda Lollar holding a rabid bat in her hand without gloves. Afterwards she illegally euthanized it with Isoflurane pictured in the background then she dumped it in the regular trash


Anonymous said...

Amanda Lollar, Bat World Sanctuary investigated by authorities

Within the last few weeks Amanda Lollar admitted that two wardens from Texas Parks & Wildlife, a USDA inspector, animal control, Fish & Wildlife, a representative from the Health Department and the City Manager for Mineral Wells, Texas paid unexpected visits at Bat World Sanctuary. Lollar is currently being investigated by the USDA and Parks and Wildlife for animal cruelty and other related violations.

Videos and photos surfaced over the past two weeks showing Amanda Lollar performing surgery on bats. Lollar is not a licensed veterinarian. In one such video Lollar tries to perform an episiotomy on a bat with no pain relief. After cutting the bat three times she begins to pull the baby out. After mistaking the baby's head for a foot, she accidentally pulled the umbilicus out. Then she accidentally pulled the bat's vagina and uterus out. The bat can be seen convulsing right before passing out. She later died along with her baby. Lollar used photos from this episiotomy in her book to show a "proper episiotomy." She does not mention what really happened to the bat and pup.

In another video Lollar can be seen pulling out the teeth of a bat again with no pain relief. The bat tries to bite Lollar and fights her. She continues to pull out his molars while he bleeds. Lollar again uses this video to proudly show "proper dental extraction" in her book.

Because of the backlash against Lollar caused by the gruesome videos and photos, Lollar has tried to quiet the person who took the original videos by getting a temporary injunction to temporarily remove them from the internet. In court documents Lollar claims she owns the proprietary way in which she did the episiotomy and dental extraction. She claims the videos and photos show copyrighted materials.

Similar photos and videos are in her book which is available free online. It should be noted her book is a "how to" book showing people how to care for bats. Lollar does not seem to grasp the fair use act of copyright. If she does not want people to share or use her techniques, perhaps she should not write a "how to" book. Techniques can never be copyrighted, only the exact words used to express them.

Lollar also claimed she did not give permission to the person who took the videos and photos. Extensive emails, documents, video footage and independent eyewitness testimony show otherwise.

In a court hearing in Fort Worth, Texas on May 4, 2011 Lollar claimed she was an "internationally renown bat expert." Upon cross-examination Lollar was questioned about her education and experience. Lollar was asked if she had a PhD, Masters Degree, College Degree or even just a high school diploma. She proudly replied "nope!" When asked where she received her many years of formal training and education she proudly stated she had no training and learned everything through "trial and error."

Lollar was asked if she was a "scientist." She replied "yes." She was asked if she ever had a peer review journal article published as a sole author. She replied "no." On the stand Lollar stated that she had the "largest bat sanctuary in the world" with 200-300 bats. When asked about the Samal Monfort Bat Sanctuary which holds the Guiness World Record for largest bat sanctuary with 1.8M to 2.5M bats, she changed her story. She stated she had the "largest enclosed bat sanctuary for unreleasable bats."

Anonymous said...

Pt 2

While on the stand Lollar admitted to possessing and using Isoflurane. She obviously didn't realize that it is a controlled substance which can only be possessed and used by a doctor. Lollar uses Isoflurane to sedate bats for surgery and to euthanize them by overdosing them.

In Lollar's book she states "the author routinely vaccinates bats taken in from the wild that will be added to captive study colonies." She not only suggests the dosage but even posted video of herself giving rabies vaccinations to bats. On the stand she stated it was just water. She stated she has no rabies vaccinations and never gives rabies vaccinations. Videos, photos and eyewitness accounts prove otherwise.

This is not the first time Lollar has had people state that her methods were illegal acts of animal cruelty or not sound. In an earlier manual Lollar instructed people just to glue broken bones together. She obviously does not understand basic biology or anatomy. One writer stated "Lollar (1994) gave detailed instructions on gluing wing fractures, but failed to explain how to maintain blood flow across the fracture-line through the glue. She also did not report the number of successful treatments achieved."

In the same manual Lollar recommended using WD-40 to remove tar and oil from bats, "Roofing tar and oil may be removed with WD-40® (Lollar, 1994)." One writer stated "WD-40®, however, is extremely toxic, so every effort must be made to wash it off a bat's fur, presumably with soap and water (Lollar failed to say)."

Lollar also recommended a cruel method to euthanize bats. "Lollar (1994) advocate putting bats in a refrigerator until torpid and then transferring them to a freezer. Stebbings (pers. comm. to Routh, 1991) states that this method is inhumane; a view shared by the American Veterinary Medical Association. As the bat's body temperature approaches freezing, the animal awakes from torpor in an attempt to find a warmer environment (Davis and Reite, 1967; Hock, 1960; Mumford, 1958)."

It's very possible Amanda Lollar could lose her wildlife rehabilitation and USDA permits because of these recent complaints. They are not the first. Freedom of Information Act requests will be sent to receive the result of the investigations. The results will be reported here. The results of her ongoing legal action to quiet the whistle blower will also be posted here.

Ed Muzika said...

The above comments are allegations only. I have no proof of their veracity. The commenter is welcome to provide evidence which I can post and Lollar can post a rebuttal. Lollar removed from youtube the alleged proof of the allegations, which means now the allegations have no support available to me whatsoever.

If proof is sent to me, I will examine it and post my own conclusions.

I also invite Lollar to provide a rebuttal.

Anonymous said...

Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary performed surgery on this bat. The bat had no pain relief. Lollar is not a veterinarian. She accidentally cut the bat's vagina too deeply. Then she yanked the baby out. She accidentally yanked the umbilicus out. Then the bat's vagina and uterus prolapsed. The bat later died. Baby was born dead but was pink which means he'd just died

The Video, "AmandaLollarBatWorldSanctuary.mp4"
can be downloaded from:

Please, politely email the regulatory agencies who are investigating this animal cruelty. Tell them you want her prosecuted to the full extent of the law. There is another video of her yanking the molars out of a bat with no pain relief. The bat is seen kicking and fighting her then bleeding. This woman should not be operating on bats. Thanks.,,

Anonymous said...

The episiotomy was viewed by veterinarians and they said Lollar did a horrible job. The baby died, mother prolapsed and died. Who would say that is a good job?

Isoflurane and most antibiotics can only be obtained with a prescription. They can only be used under order of a veterinarian.