Amanda Lollar Responds

I should point out that the below again are just allegations. Lollar chose to sue and get an injunction against Mary for posting what Mary regarded as proof of Lollar breaking the law. Now Lollar is equally guilty of posting what I regard as libelous stuff against Mary.  --Ed
UPDATE -  The truth about the episiotomy:
Amanda Lollar has worked and trained under the direction of a veterinarian for over 20 years. She has developed many life-saving procedures for insectivorous bats over the past two decades. 

Mary Cummins filmed the episiotomy while attending her internship at Bat World sanctuary, and even helped during the procedure. Her voice can be heard offering to assist with the lighting, as well as my voice addressing her. She also took photos after the procedure. What Ms. Cummins failed to explain is that the bat had a pup stuck in her birth canal, likely for several hours. Waiting would have caused the death of the mother, an agonizing death at that. There was no vet available, and most veterinarians don’t do procedures on bats at 11pm anyway. I have preformed this procedure numerous time to save the life of the mother, as we have a wild sanctuary which is home to 30,000 bats as well as a nursery colony. I rescue mothers in trouble every summer.
Cetacaine is used to anesthetize the vaginal area before an incision is made – that is what is being applied with the cotton swab. As with humans, general anesthesia is not used for an episiotomy (which is not considered actually surgery). The pup was stillborn, likely from being stuck in the birth canal for so long. After the pup was discovered dead, the mother was placed under general anesthesia so she could be cleaned up and the incisions closed with surgical glue. The mother fully recovered and was later released.
Mary Cummins has made false complaints about us to Texas Parks and Wildlife, the USDA, the Texas Veterinary Medical Board, the Texas Department of Health, USFWS,  the Mineral Wells Department of Health, the City Manager, the Fire Marshal, Code Enforcement, the Chief of Police and we suspect the IRS. Each and every one of the officials who investigated her complaints found them to be without merit, some even called and offered their help in fighting Ms. Cummins. Mary Cummins has also sent numerous false and damaging emails to the large majority of our supporters, who in turn forwarded her emails back to us in support. 
An injunction was scheduled on May 4th, 2011, to force Mary Cummins to remove the defamatory statements she has made about Bat World Sanctuary and Amanda Lollar from the internet. Approximately three days before the injunction, numerous new pages containing false and damaging statements appeared on dozens of internet sites, including facebook, indybay, twitter, myspace, care2 and more. Copyrighted videos from Amanda Lollar’s most recent book were illegally downloaded and altered in an attempt to display cruelty, then uploaded to youtube. Other recent defamatory items include photos Mary Cummins took without permission while interning at Bat World Sanctuary. 

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Anonymous said...

Amanda Lollar is now libeling and defaming Mary Cummins. What she posted is not true. Lollar is libeling Cummins in retaliation for reporting her illegal acts to authorities.