ADL Getting Desperate, Begins to Just Make Things Up

Regarding ADLLA’s latest post where they said:

So called "progressive" Los Angeles is MILES behind other cities in advertising our wonderful shelter animals to the residents of L.A. No creative newspaper ad's, no radio or TV advertisements--nothing--nada. This concept of rallying the residents of a city to embrace and participate in the fostering, bottle feeding, adopting and walking of animals at their local shelters should have been learned in the first week of Animal Sheltering 101. But LA's six animal Death Camps are NOT EVEN IN THE PROCESSION!

At the No Kill Solutions seminar last October, Nathan Winograd showed the audience the incredibly compelling, dramatic and humorous advertisements he had the Ithaca shelter implement in upstate New York, which resulted in residents flocking to the shelter to adopt.

But under the General Manager (Scammer) Ed Boks, there is nothing-nada-to be found. No enthusiastic and dedicated Assistant General Manager, no intelligent or compassionate head Veterinarian, no creative and energetic Public Relations Officer, not even basic public outreach.

Even the Salt Lake County Animal Services runs a "Pets of the Week" ad in its major newspapers. But Boks can't seem to get his nalgas in gear to place similar solicitations throughout Los Angeles. Guess he's too tied up drinking with his girlfriends at night and attending events to network. Boks spends more time then most politicians do going to cocktail parties, fund raisers and gala's, when he ought to be spending time working on basic common sense policies that would save the lives of animals.

You know the ADLLA is getting desperate when they have to start making stuff up just to get a post out.

To the best of my knowledge, the department has a cable TV show, has its animals advertised on the Beverly Hills cable show, stages and promotes/advertises multiple mobile adoptions every month, has staged the first of what will surely be more special weekend adoption events at specific shelters, brings several animals a month to City Council meetings so those animals and the whole adoption process gets promoted on Channel 35 to the people who watch those cablecasts and re-runs, they work with others to get LAAS animals covered via other animal-related TV shows (like the one that was taping at the Best Friends event this weekend) and for all I know they DO place ads (though I won't swear by it).

Is there a full-time public relations officer? Admittedly no, and there's a reason for that. The old one was loaned by Stuckey to the Personnel department when she complained of being harassed by the ADL, and she's still on the Animal Services payroll, refusing to quit and failing to find another job, either of which must happen before she can be removed from that payroll.

So, under City law, Animal Services can't even free up her salary to use for a replacement or for any other purposes.

Is there an AGM whose job it is to move animals out of the shelters? Not yet, and there's a good reason for that too. Boks created a new AGM position so that someone who will have the skills and talents to focus on those operational issues could be hired instead of a classic City bureaucratic type, but he couldn't advertise for the job until the City Council approved the position and funding for it. That approval was received toward the end of May and the position is now open to applicants and can be filled as soon after July 1 as the task of identifying the best candidate will permit.

Is there a new Chief Vet? No, because the position is still filled by the existing Chief Vet who is on official medical leave and cannot be dismissed until she's been in that situation for a year. Her medical leave is based on stress, stress partly induced by ADL pranks and threats against her at her private residence.

ADLLA actions and others who attack Boks and the LAAS ARE killing animals. I am continually amazed that the ADLLA just does not get it.

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