Boks at this Weekend's Best Friends Event

While the ADL rants and just makes up stuff about Boks--which I called the big lie in the past, actual rescuers say this about Ed at this past weekend's Best Friends Event:

From craigslist:

No other General Manager I can remember ever participated in the Best Friends Event to the extent that Ed Boks did this Sunday.

In the past, the GM's usually showed up for an hour or so, greeted people and left. Ed, the new General Manager of LAAS, spent the entire day at the event and in the LAAS booth. He was available to hold animals and trouble shoot issues that came up. This is a large and complicated event for LAAS to carry off and in the past was often froth with problems.

His presence and consistent availability throughout the day helped make this the smoothest LAAS event I have ever participated in. He was available to assist with every issue that came up at a moments notice. Additionally, at previous BF events the bailing out process for rescues has been extremely chaotic. All the rescues I spoke to shared that at Sunday's event, the process was well organized and went very smoothly. Ed stood by his staff, volunteers (who camee in large numbers and were amazing) and animals and it made a huge difference.

Ed Boks, thank you for making a difficult and emotional day easier.

RE: Ed Boks At th Best Friends Event

Reply: I agree with you!!! I was totally impressed by him not only being there but he made it a point to talk to everyone. How great is that?? I know a lot of people have bashed him before he has been given a chance which is totally unfair!!

How will LA Animal Services EVER make any inroads to ANY problems if everyone can't at least put forth a united front and MOVE FORWARD and stop ALL of the personal agenda crap....whatever!!!

He was personable, concerned, helpful etc. He was there until IT was ALL finished-he didn't bail early on a beautiful day but stuck through the event to its end!!!! Give the guy a chance!!!! I don't see anybody else offering any alternatives!!!! Every "manager" working for the city should put forth such an effort!!!!!

Great job Mr. Boks!!!

I ask, would Stuckey have done this? Would Greenwalt have done this? We all know the real reasons that the ADL and their lackies are attacking Boks: getting their own people in charge and as employees so that they can experiment with methods from a No-Kill expert who will not be coming to LA to help them out as long as the character assassination war continues. Also, there is the unseen puppet master in the background, who knows of whom I speak, who might carry great weight to end this whole mess and should do it now.

They must also assume that the war they started and all the alienation and bickering created, will end the minute they get the GM they want. The nastiness they created will last a long, long time. their actions have divided and torn LAAS and the animal community as a whole and the animals pay through a legacy of death.

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