Eric Brunson Hosts a Reception for Ed Boks

A few weeks ago, Erica Brunson, the “Best Commissioner LAAS ever had” according to repeated and repeated and repeated ADL-LA posts, hosted a reception for Ed Boks. Jim Bickhart, among many others, was there. Someone (or ones), very close to LAAS, leaked the happenings at the event to the ADL, and of course, to Dan Guss, who gets more and more vile the more broke he gets.

ADL and many other fellow travelers, claim Mr. Bickhart fired Brunson. Would he have been invited had she been fired by him? She had already stated she was going to resign because she could not work with Stuckey, therefore no decision was necessary to fire anyone from the Commission.

Also, would the “best Commissioner LAAS ever had” have thrown a reception for Boks if she did not appreciate the job he was doing? If she had been the best, how come ADL-LA does not respect her opinion regarding LAAS’s direction under Ed Boks?

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