A NYC Animal Activist Responds to the Latest ADL Post

A NYC animal activist response to the latest ADL posting. This really was forwarded to me, as opposed to writing it myself, as does Pam Ferdin.

ADL Post: "Pretty words do not save lives -- actions do. L.A. Animal Services General Manager Ed Boks is all pretty words and no action, which is the reason New York City fired him mere weeks before Mayor Villaraigosa hired him. Boks boasts modest statistical gains.
(He has done) NOTHING new to stop the annual kitten flood, and his killing of thousandsand thousands of kittens.


Subject: Re: [stopthekilling] Regarding Boks "Fluff" Piece in the LA Times
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 18:36:32 -0400

Hey guys,Come on. This is just hyperbolic shit, and unattributed to boot. If you're going to have an intelligent dialogue on the deficiencies of municipal animal management in L.A. (or anywhere else for that matter), you better get a reality check about what we're all up against and present a realistic picture about solutions.The problems are complex and some of these allegations are ridiculous. Such as:NOTHING new to stop the annual kitten flood, and his killing of thousands
and thousands of kittens.

What the fuck do you think can be done to "stop the annual kitten flood"? Boks has been in office 6 months. You've got to be kidding...This is really unfair, unrealistic and the kind of inflammatory rhetoric that is directed at simple-minded people to get them all riled up -- BUT in the long run is really not productive.

I've been in the movement for 25 years. I'm really tired of angry, ineffective advocates ruining things for the rest of us. Real change comes incrementally. I'm going to send you a video about Henry Spira. It should be viewed by all activists. It's about strategies that work.We just sued NYC over the animal control contract

Why don't you work on some more strategic ways to get results? Just leveling angry tirades isn't going to help the animals. And accept that there are no solutions to resolve the problems overnight. It's the human population to blame for the problem anyway. Those are big numbers.Think about it.

Gary Kaskel

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