Look Who is Calling the Kettle Black

The latest ADL post is more of the same. It attacks Ed Boks by misrepresenting his past, such as repetition of the false charge he was fired in New York, a charge I have refuted a half dozen times.

Let’s get this straight, Boks was hired to bring his considerable shelter expertise to Los Angeles Animal Services. He has done that and continues to do that. Euthanasia rates are down 30% over last year—an astounding one-year improvement.

ADL continues to attempt character assassination for whatever reason. Why?

For arguments sake only, what if every lie ADL makes up about Boks' past were true, does it affect his effectiveness here regarding what ADL calls “the prize,” which is a no-kill shelter system?

Consider the source of the ADL moral crusade against Boks' purported cronyism, sexism, racism and incompetence. Here we have a truth-challenged little woman who has numerous misdemeanor convictions and has spent time in jail for those convictions and uses her posts most foul to attack, it seems, everyone who works for the City and LAAS. AND, who wanted her own crony to become General Manager or AGM of Los Angeles Animal Services.

We have an apparently now unemployed reporter who shot down her own career through non-stop destructive emails.

We have a “man” who was refused a job by Ed Boks—who, until that time, dotted on him and promised eternal loyalty. Once denied the position he coveted, this “man” became Boks’ most bitter enemy.

We have a businessman, who is being sued for intellectual property theft, and who purportedly attempted to extort a contract out of LAAS and Ed Boks, who then was fired from an organization for which he was a consultant, and who allegedly threatened to destroy Boks if anyone went after his reputation and company.

These are the people attacking Boks’ reputation and charging moral turpitude. Consider the source and wonder about their motivations. Their single coherent connection is one of hatred and destruction.

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