New Hope Success News from West Valley

Despite the ADL claim that New Hope is old news, there is new and good news about its implementation here in LA. The following letter to Ed Boks was written by a man I have known for three years. Larry is a stright shooter, candid, honest, and has always been extremely helpful to me. So much for the naysayers regarding New Hope!

Dear Ed:

I would like to thank you and the Department of Animal Services for what I like to call "The New Frontier"! It is definitely working!!! Being involved with the New Hope Program has been a real pleasure, in addition to being a valuable learning experience.

The "Old Way" just does not work any more my relationship with our New Hope partners has taught me I can make a difference. In the old days, when an animal came into our Centers, whatever the situation, in a distressed medical condition there was only one solution, euthanasia.

Today, because of cooperation of ACT Supervisor Sergio Rios and the rest of the West Valley Animal Care & Control Center, we have had remarkable happy endings. In the past, these happy endings would not have been possible.

One story was a Golden Retriever puppy hit by a car who needed surgery immediately. Because we can now do transactions over the phone we were able to get the dog placed with a New Hope partner without them even physically having to come to the Center!!! This would have been unheard of last year!!! In addition, the dog was transported to a veterinary hospital in West Los Angeles by one of the ACT's from West Valley, again unheard of in past years.

Another situation was a 6 month old Lab puppy dropped off at the center, it's tail had been chewed off because of infection, imagine the pain and suffering the dog had gone through! In the past, the dog may have been euthanized because of pain and suffering.

My effort to find a nearby veterinarian to do the tail amputation surgery was successful. I was able to locate a vet to do the surgery for two hundred dollars. The dog was delivered to the nearby veterinarian; again by an ACT on duty that day.

The dog was picked up later that day and adopted the next Sunday by a really beautiful couple. It was love at first sight! The couple was amazed we had gone through the effort to save the puppy’s life, and that they were adopting a "special case". I am sure that dog is living better then most of us!

There are many other stories of the efforts of myself, ACT Supervisor Sergio Rios, Captain Selder, and most importantly the staff of the West Valley Animal Care & Control Center. Of course, the rescue community has stepped up and created a much better atmosphere for all of us to be fortunate enough to be a part of our life saving efforts.

With, "The New Frontier" we have all realized we can make a difference, even if it is one at a time. By being more flexible and willing to change we are making the image of LA Animal Services much more positive and friendly toward the public and rescue groups.

Hail to "The New Frontier"! I welcome your comments and further cooperation with everyone involved in "Savings Animals’ Lives"!!!! Along with the cooperation, of everybody these situations of transporting animals for New Hope partners are becoming more and more frequent.

Dogs that are adopted from South Central Animal Care Center are being transported to West Valley Animal Care Center because it makes adopting easier for New Hope partners. It seems these happy endings are becoming a daily occurrence, which is terrific!!!

Larry Herskovic
New Hope Coordinator
Volunteer Liaison
ACT/ROP Instructor
West Valley Animal Center
20655 Plummer St.
Chatsworth, CA 91311
"It's all for the animals"

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