Lefty Ayers' Lucrative Contract for Killing Squirrels

Lefty Ayers of Heritage Wildlife Management was paid $7,000 for four days work in February to put a handful of gas cartridges down some holes in Palisades Park to kill ground squirrels. That is a $500 job. Not bad profit even if he rented a motel and ate out for $175 a day, since he was earning $1,750 a day-a 1,000 percent profit!!

Now, accoring to the Santa Monica Daily Press, he is getting $19,000 for two weeks worth of killing squirrels so far. $19,000 is insane for trapping! Think of it. The traps are reusable--but probably not legal, we'll let my photos decide--and the bait is watermelon and feed. So what are his expenses? The same $175 per day? Does he charge extra for the carbon dioxide gas used to kill the squirrels?

If he is at it another week, he'll be getting He is now getting $1,270 per day!!! This is to catch and kill an estimated 170 squirrels, or $112.00 per squirrel.

But I forgot, the City provides him with his own kill room using his probably illegal gas chambers according to letters in previous posts on this blog.

AND, the City is giving Ayers 4 bodyguards, two cops and two rangers for two weeks. How much does 4 city employees cost for three weeks? Maybe an additional $11,000? That is, $30,000, or $176 per squirrel!!

Now, how did he get the contract? If there were an RFP, and $19,000 was the cheapest for the most, I'm going to get into the pest control business, $6,000 a week isn't bad money.

I understand that the Animal Advocate project, 95% successful in the Park, cost less than $5,000, and this was an eight month project!!!

So, how did Ayers get the contract??

Who on earth would spend 4 times as much for a lethal project as a life-saving one that was working, especially since there are many LA companies that provide the same services?

Ask Ayers, a self-desribed "Rodenator For Hire."

Heritage Wildlife Management.
Lefty Ayers
3412 Montana Trl
Frazier Park, CA 93225

Or, if you see a 6' 5" guy with a handlebar mustache wearing a baseball cap in Palisades Park, surrounded by cops and Park Rangers, you can ask him yourself.

There will be more soon about the City, the County and the Palisades Squirrels. I'd like to know what the other bids were. If the total contract was for $30,000 as stated, it would have to go through Council.

I'll know soon.

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Anonymous said...

Good for Lefty! The squirrels are a nuisance, they destroy garden areas digging up bulbs, etc. as well as damaging tree bark. This isn't even taking into account what they do to chipmunk and bird populations because they're so prolific, they often eliminate other critters in the vicinity. Disease and fleas are also a concern.

There needs to be a balance, not overpopulation and as long as people feed this vermin, they continue to expand in population. I like what some have referred to squirrels as, in particular the gray squirrel, 'tree rats'.