This Kitty Needs a Home--Please!

Subject: 18 yr old cat dumped at shelter when owner was placed in convalescent hospital!

It gets worse! After serving as a loyal and loving companion for all those years, "Peggy" was dropped at the shelter by the children of her owner!!!!!

Peggy is a beautiful blue/gray shorthair with soft fur, a round face and an angel's kiss of white on the inside of her elbow. She is beyond loving and affectionate. If she had it her way, she would be sitting on your lap or cuddling up to you 24/7!

Peggy had a senior profile blood work up recently when she had a dental and a mole between her eyes removed. The report found her to be extraordinarily healthy - even her kidneys and thyroid are completely normal and these are the areas that cats her age commonly show escalated levels. She has some real quality time ahead of her!

The only sign that age has caught up with her is the loss of her hearing. Because she is deaf, she feels vulnerable around other cats and becomes startled when she suddenly catches them in her peripheral vision. She is currently staying at a kind foster's home with three other cats in a small space and is unfortunately spending the majority of time under the bed.

It is completely unfair and absolutely heartbreaking that in her golden years she has to end up this way. Is there a compassionate person that would open up their heart and home to Peggy? She will be appreciative beyond belief and will love you like no other.

If you are unable to welcome Peggy into your home, will you kindly pass this on to your email list?

Thank you so very much,

Deborah Corday
Animal Alliance

Peggy lives in the Los Angeles area, and if you can help, please contact:

Deborah Corday

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