Boks Gets It Right: Rosendahl is an idiot

Months before the last election when Rosendahl was running for office, I emailed him and a staffer for his positions on animal issues. For months I got no response. Then a few weeks before the election he sent out a generic email to the animal community outlining his "positions." Basically he said nothing except he likes animals and would work to protect them.

Well, he was the only Councilmember to vote against the citywide spay/neuter ordinance. Instead, he complained that Boks did not have enough guys going door to door to see dogs were licensed. Where did this zippo-head get his priorities? Walmart?

Boks' response was why did Roendahl want canvassers going around collecting license fees, but not to see if animals were neutered?

Cythia Hockman, the new Animal Services vet, Ron Mason's former vet, refused to spay/neuter his cats before they were six months old because of increased the risk of complications. I agree.

f complications. Personally, I think 4 months too young, but so what, I am a blogger-critic, not a vet.


Anonymous said...

He probably figured if Boks wants it then something must be wrong with it.

Anonymous said...

I get my cats neutered at 8 wks, 2 lbs if they're healthy. It's so much easier on kittens. Boys notice nothing, girls just feel little sore for a day. Adult cats are a different story. Girls feel really bad and just lay around for a few days for a pained expression on their face. Girls in heat or pregnant feel worse. Adult males, it's no big thing, just a little worse than kittens. Sooner is better. Cats can get pregnant at five months.

Anonymous said...

Rosendahl's argument made no sense. He reprimanded Boks to go bang on doors to get licenses. Part of getting a license is a certificate of sterilization. Otherwise you must pay $100 per year instead of $10. Literally two seconds later Rosendahl said Boks should not go bang on doors to check for sterilization. He said "it's facist." First he yells at Boks for not banging on doors then he tells him it's not American to go banging on doors? They were back to back sentences. Is he getting senile? He is pretty old.

Anonymous said...

Rosendahl's problem is the same problem as the general population. They confuse liking their own dogs with caring about animals.

They see animals the same way they see people. Animals who have a loving family and three square meals a day aren't higher quality or more deserving, they're just lucky. Part of people's antipathy for pit bulls comes not from their supposed "viciousness" but the people's feeling that they are trashy dogs who come from trashy neighborhhoods and trashy people.

Anyone can call him- or herself an animal lover. But it's not how you treat an animal who lives in your house, and whose condition and treatment is therefore a reflection on YOU. It's how you treat and provide for the ones who aren't lucky, who aren't (by your standards) attractive. A genuine animal lover doesn't bring more high-priced animals into an overstuffed world. A genuine animal lover cares for the animals who are here, and doesn't assess the value of their existence based on their value as a lifestyle accessory.

Thinking a puppy is cute does not make you an animal lover, any more than thinking a baby is cute makes you a philanthropist. Making sure the dog has a good life until s/he dies (well after puppy-cuteness is gone), looking after the stray who wanders down your street, and (God forbid!) going to walk dog or take care of cats at a shelter, that's loving animals.

Anonymous said...

Well, if Boks wants it , there is something wrong with it. Faced with 2 years of dismal failure, he has to come up with "something" he can say he accomplished. While I'm all for spay neuter, this "law" is unenforceble and has too many "exemptions." Anyone wanting to pay a $100 "breeder permit" fee can keep their dog intact. Anyone.

Wait a year. The number will not go down. Revenue may go up when people are forced to spay neuter to retrieve their los pet...or they may just not retrieve it when they are socked with a high bill, in which case...euth numbers will go up. So, Rosendahl is not an idiot ( I didn't hear his comments)..just realistic. But realistic viewpoints are not popular in this department.

Anonymous said...

Responsible Dog Ownership:
Spaying and Neutering

© Kim Bloomer

Oct 2, 2006
Shadrach the Neo Mastiff`, Kim Bloomer
Bringing a dog into the home is such a joy but it is also a big responsibility and one we need to be willing to adhere to

Bringing home a dog is the easy part. Taking care of and being responsible for the dogs in our care is the part that separates the responsible owners from the irresponsible ones. One of the most frequent topics that arise in alignment with responsible dog ownership is about spaying and neutering our dogs.

What I hope to accomplish in this short article is for you to determine when is the best time to spay or neuter your dog and the ramifications if you do not do this: both for the health of your dog and the responsibility you accepted just by bringing this dog home with you.

I really hope you'll read this all the way through and then understand that I am not against spaying and neutering but rather I'm about being responsible for all aspects of your dog's care. I've recently discovered from a veterinarian friend, that our animals are being spayed and neutered far too young for their long-term health and longevity. If we continue to neuter or spay them before they are fully mature the problems with immune-mediated diseases - due in part also to poor nutrition and overvaccinating – will only grow worse. Hormones are in our bodies and those of our dogs for a reason. Hormones play key roles in the overall health and longevity of the life of our dogs. Therefore it just makes sense that neutering or spaying too young could certainly lead to long-term health problems in our dogs.

What I am not saying here is to forgo the responsibility of spaying and neutering your pet animals. Really I think that breeding should be left up to the responsible, ethical breeders who care about the structure, health, temperament, and so on of the breeds they are breeding. I do not think the average person who has a purebred or mixed breed dog should breed their dogs. I also feel that the responsible thing to do is to neuter or spay our dogs to alleviate the needless euthanasia and waste of animals that end up in shelters. The only thing I am questioning here is when they should be spayed or neutered. I believe dogs need to mature fully before being spayed or neutered to insure their long-term good health. If we neuter a giant breed male dog at six months for example, rather than at eighteen months to two years, we are almost insuring this dog will have structural or joint problems fully manifested by age six or seven thereby effectively shortening the quality and length of the dog's life.

This does fly in the face of what we're being told now by shelters and rescues but again, part of that is propaganda being taught at all levels of animal husbandry. Rather than turn this article into a political statement I'd rather focus on the positive reinforcement of responsible dog ownership. Before bringing a dog home, determine the best possible age for spaying or neutering your dog in advance so you will be prepared to protect your pet prior to being spayed or neutered. For help on this subject go to Dr. John Symes, DVM website at . He can help you to determine the best age for you to neuter or spay your breed of dog. Remember though, it will be up to you to make certain your dog is contained in an area where he or she cannot propagate their species: meaning not being able get out or loose to breed. Once your dog reaches maturity then spaying or neutering would be the right course of action on your part.

Anonymous said...

Boks didn't get this new ordinance passed. Alarcon did. Boks can't take credit for this new ordinance, though he probably will. This is how it went down.

Judie Mancuso was working on ab1634 the state bill. She talked to councilmember Cadenas about having the city support ab1634. May 2007 he made the motion for the city to officially support it. Boks went to the meeting to get face time and to lie and tell everyone he's doing great.

When they were talking about ab1634 Alarcon got up and said "why don't we do it here now?" He then made the motion. He told the dept to do a report and write up the ordinance after ab1634. The city attorney and the dept did that. It was then passed.

Thank you, Alarcon.

Anonymous said...

Look who is calling Rosendahl an idiot
Boks you are a joke , you have no right to call anyone an idiot .
This is just a job to you , you don't really care about the animals . You lay down with dogs , you get up with fleas , like Levine and Judie Mancuso WWW